Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes, The Reason I Home School Is Abundantly Clear

In Waycross, Georgia, a group of 3rd graders (yes, that says 3rd graders, 8 year olds!!) planned an attack on their teacher. They plotted together and each was assigned a different job, including covering the windows so nobody could see in/out and cleaning up afterward. Between the 9 students involved, they had collected a broken steak knife, duct tape, hand cuffs and other items!!
The children were mad at the teacher for one of them being scolded for standing on a chair. Ya, that seems like a reason to plan a murder. Whether they could actually have pulled this off or not is hardly the point. The fact that they could have such evil intents at such a young age is what is extremely disturbing to me.
So, when people ask me why I want to deprive my children from the socialization that ONLY (see me rolling my eyes) public school can bring, I will point them to this article. I'm glad they are secluded from kids like this.
To read the entire news article, click here.


carrielkg said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing as I watched the news last night. Really - we can do without that kind of "socialization"!

Frugal Finds said...

It is stories like these that make me think about home schooling. We all just have to do what is best for our own family though. I am not a home schooler and can give you a million reasons why. However, I applaud you for taking on this challenging job. I always love hearing homeschooling stories and jump at the chance to peak inside their world to see what it is like. I love that you give me this oppertunity!!
You are right... this story is one good reason for homeschool... too many others just like it to back that theory up too. Sad, isn't it. I blame it on bad parents!
Frugal Carol

Jennifer Robin said...

Homeschooling is becoming a more and more attractive option in a lot of areas. I'm afraid I don't put much stock in the "socialization" opportunities that public school offers around here either.

Thehotrod5 said...

I am glad we live in a place that (for now) offers us that option. It scares me to think about what all this "wonderful socialization" would do to my socially inept homeschooled kids (said with quite a bit of sarcasm LOL)


Lisa said...

I dont home school either. I would love to though and may as my son gets older if things change for the worse.
Three years ago we moved from the town my hubby and I grew up in to a smaller school district and the school district was one of the biggest reasons why.
I cannot believe 3RD GRADERS plotted and planned all this out. What will they be planning and plotting in five years? SCARY!!

On a lighter note, did you see my post on how to get your free D.E.A.R. kit? Here's the link to it: http://kittytigerskitchen.blogspot.com/2008/03/dear-day.html

Jenileigh said...


Billie said...

As a mom who sends her son to school it does make you remember how important it is to cover your school and child in prayer. Praise God that this is not the norm!

I will say thought that it's important to cover them in prayer even if homeschooling. There was a horrible murder of a family in this area a year or so ago. The murder was plotted and committed by a homeschooler. His girlfriend (whose family he killed) was also a homeschooling family. They both seemed like totally normal middle class christian families.

I'm not saying this against anything...it's just important to remember that the evil one can seep in any family!

I still continue to contemplate homeschooling, but for now I will continue to pray!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Just to clarify...

This was not written to convince every parent that homeschooling is the only right thing to do.
We have come to this decision for our family and this is ONE of the MANY reasons why (for us).
I have plenty of friends who have their children in public school and I think they are wonderful parents. I also think their children have the opportunity to be part of an incredible ministry.
I hope I did not come across as bashing all families who put their kids in public school.
I also do believe very strongly that we should cover our children in prayer no matter where they are (thanks for the reminder Billie).
I appreciate all the feed back.

Billie said...

Oh Cass! I hope you don't think that I was offended by your post. I didn't feel bashed. I know I've shared with you that I continue to battle that I am making the right decisions for my kiddos. Often when I hear stories like this I do want to know why I'm not homeschooling. In some ways, my words were more a reminder for me. But thanks for the clarity anyway!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


I just wanted to make sure that I came across how I intended.
I know I have to be careful when I talk about homeschooling. It is such a personal and sensitive subject.
I'm very passionate about it for us and it can come across as judgemental to others.
I'm glad you weren't offended.

Saph said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard about this. 8 yr olds??? It's a seriously scary world these days. Saw a news show talking about extending people's lives so we can live well over 100 and told my husband I would not want to live that long the way the world is these days. And it's only going to get worse. Lord help us!
I would love to homeschool when my daughter is school age- but for us it's a financial issue.