Friday, June 25, 2010

So, for my birthday this year, I decided I really wanted to get a tattoo. I have been wanting one for a couple years now but I just have never gotten around to it or been able to convince my hubby. Well, this was the year. So, my sister and friend (who have both already been inked) told me they would be supportive and get another one with me!! That's all it took to syke me up and I made an appointment for the evening of my birthday. We went to this great place that came highly recommended and was super clean.The night before I asked my brother to help me design what I wanted. I found a couple things I thought were cute but I just wanted it to be one of kind and I love that I can wear a piece of my brother's art work. My idea was small birds from a distance and we decided that it should be 4 to represent my kids. After he drew it and printed it out, I showed my kids and they each guessed which ones they were. The funny part is that they each guessed exactly the bird I intended for them. Love it!!

So, what you have been waiting for... the PICS
Here is my support team cheering me on!!The artist and me

The finished product
Kourtney and Sunday's feetWe certainly worked up an appetite after that ordeal, so we headed to Season's 52 (one of my favorite restaurants in town)
The brave girls of the night :)