Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're Gonna Miss You!

My good friend, Jen, and her family are moving today to Tennessee. We have had a lot of good times over the years and I am going to miss them bunches! My little boy has no idea what is going on. He loves to play with Andon (their 5 year old) because he is one of the few boys his age. We have girls everywhere and Jordan enjoys having a boy around once in a while. Andon is the only kid that Jordan has had sleep-over parties with (which he thinks is just the coolest, by the way) so far and is really going to miss his friend.
When I was talking to Jordan about them moving, he asked if he could go to. Hmmm... I'm still thinking about the answer:) I don't think he really understands what is going on. I think he is gonna miss those kid's meals and chocolate milk, too :)

Jen, you may not like this, but I thought I must post one of my favorite pictures of you here. This picture has never been seen on the internet before.
Just to be fair, I have now incriminated everyone!! Ha, ha! Hmmm... Where were you in that pic? Thanks for making me laugh and going along with my crazy ideas! You have been a great friend and I am going to miss you. I'll be working on that roommate situation. And, I definitely will be making some trips to a cabin near you!
I will be praying for you to find a church and friends (and neighbors) that will become a close-knit community for your family.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Publix Market Sales and Coupons for 7/31-8/6

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

It is a week to stock up at Publix!! Look at all these great deals!

GM Cereal (bogo @ $4.09/2)
Use $1/2 from recent peelies in store
Makes them $1.54 a box

Bertolli Pasta Sauce (bogo @ $2.67/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable
Makes them $.33 a jar

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (bogo @ $2.87/2)
Use $1/2 from ss 6/22 or 7/20
Makes them $.93 a box

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (bogo @ $2.63/2)
Use $.50/2 printable
Makes them $1.06 a box

Lipton Sides (bogo @ $1.53/2)
Use $.75/2 from rp 5/18
Makes them $.39 a bag

Dole Fruit, Gel or Parfait Bowls (bogo @ $2.51/2)
Use $.75/2 from ss 5/18
Makes them $.87 a pack

Kraft Mayo (bogo @ $5.07/2)
Use $1/1 from ss 6/22
Makes them $1.53 each

Nabisco Cookies or Ritz Crackers(bogo @ $3.89/2)
Use $.75/2 from ss 7/27
Makes them $1.57 each

Birds Eye Voila Meals (bogo @ $4.85/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable
Makes them $1.42 a bag

Fast Fixin' on the Go Cheeseburgers (bogo @ $5.99/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable (if you haven't already signed up)
Makes them $2 a box

Post Cereal (bogo @ $4.09/2)
Use $1/2 or $1/1 from ss 7/27 or
$1.50/1 from bottom of recent rebate offer in store
Makes them $.54-$1.54 a box

Here are more bogo deals with no coupons:

Chef Boyardee ($1.37/2)
Publix Salad Blend ($2.99/2)
Barilla Pasta ($1.55/2)
Kellogg's Cereal ($4.39/2)
Kellogg's Pop Tarts ($2.25/2)
GM Fiber One Granola Bars ($2.97/2)
Entenmann's Little Bites ($4.29/2)
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza ($3.19/2)
Kid Cuisine Dinner ($2.47/2)
Kellogg's Eggo (bogo - no price listed)
Kraft Mac 'N Cheese ($2.53/2)

Winn-Dixie Stores Sale and Coupons for 7/30-8/5

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable.

It is a pretty good week this week for some bogo deals! Have fun shopping!

Blue Bell Ice Cream (bogo @ $6.39/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable (create an account, sign in, click on "extra scoops", then "print couon"
Makes them $2.20 a 1/2 gallon

Ocean Spray Juice (bogo @ $4.19/2)
Use 2 $1/1 from rp 5/11
Makes them $1.10 a bottle

Farm Rich Pizza Slices, Cheesesticks or Mozz bites (bogo @ $6.99/2)
Use 2 $.75/1 printable
Makes them $2.75 a bag

GM Cereal (bogo @ $4.29/2)
Use $1/2 from recent peelies in store
Makes them $1.65 a box

Post Cereal (bogo @ $4.19/2)
Use 2 $1/1 or 1 $1/2 from ss 7/27 or
2 $2/1 printable
Makes them $.10 - $1.50 a box

Here are the bogo deals with no coupons:

Lay's Potato Chips ($3.79/2)
Cheez-it or Famous Amos Cookies ($4.19/2)
Kraft Mac 'N Cheese ($2.50/2)
4 Pack Tomatoes ($5.49/2)
Plumrose Bacon ($4.99/2)
Dole Salads ($4.29/2)
Blueberries ($4.99/2)
Boneless Chicken Breasts ($4.49/4lbs.)
Sara Lee Bread ($2.79/2)
Thomas Bagels ($3.99/2)
Taco Bell Dinner Kits ($2.99/2)
Planters Trail Mix ($2.19/2)
Hormel or Swanson Canned Chicken ($4.29/2)
Mueller's Pasta ($1.50/2)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Can People Actually Believe This?!!

I came across this headline yesterday and it just stunned me that people (smart people) can actually believe such crap! The basic story is saying that life on earth could have developed (billions of years ago, by the way) from diamonds!! That's right, diamonds started life. That makes so much more sense than a God with order and design! Sometimes, this kind of stuff really gets under my skin.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids + Money = Teaching Moment

We have been trying decide how to teach our kids about the value of money for a while now. I have read so many different ideas and talked to other moms about what they do and I just couldn't find anything that worked well for us. I really liked the idea of having jars to divide the money into 4 categories (tithe, save, others, spend). The downside is having 4 jars x 4 kids is just too much stuff and takes up way too much room.

So, we were talking through this again the other day and my husband came up with a brilliant idea! He suggested that we use folders and zipper pockets for each kid to divide up their money. All money that they earn would be divided evenly between the 4 pockets. The only pocket they can choose to put less money in is the "spend" pocket. This is definitely translating into building the character of putting others first. I am very excited about the teaching opportunities this is going to bring.

Well, I already had 20 1" binders from the back to school sale at Staples a couple weeks ago. Then, Jess told me that Target had those zipper pouches for $.69/each. So, we got the pouches and put the folders together last night. Here is what they look like:
Tithe is the first pocket
(I want them to learn that is the first thing we do with any money we earn)

Save is the second pocket
(this is for long term - once they get $10 in this pocket, I will deposit it into their bank savings account)
Others is #3
(this is for buying birthday presents and things like that)
Spend is last
(again, I want them to focus on what they get last)
This is my favorite part. I love how compactly they are put away.
So far, my oldest 2 earn money from their grandpa by cleaning his paint brushes and helping clean their house. So, Sydney and Jordan don't really have any money to speak of. I guess the question now is, "Do we start allowance?" and "How?". I feel another brilliant idea from my husband coming :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharing The Love (or germs)

Well, the sickness that started earlier in the week has now spread to my dad, my son, my niece and nephew. I guess this would be the down side of living a block away from your family and seeing each other 5 days a week. It looks like this little bug has about a 3 day waiting period before you start to see symptoms. So, I get to be paranoid for another 2 days. Woohoo!! We will go through a whole bottle of soap by Sunday :)
Unfortunately, my son started yesterday morning after spending the night at his friend, Andon's house (so sorry Jen. I'm sure cleaning up after someone else's kid was what you had planned for the morning.). The good side is that Jordan got his all done by 10:30 a.m. By then, he was actually mad at me for not giving him food because he was hungry. In fact, he went from room to room burying his head in pillows because he was pouting that I wouldn't give him anything to eat. I did start giving him very small amounts of food to make sure he was o.k. but that was never satisfactory. On the good side, he didn't throw up again the rest of the day and was running around like a mad man all afternoon. I guess he's fine.
So, if any of my other kids get sick, I hope they follow suit from Jordan, not Avery.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Homemade Denim Skirts!!

I know, this may sound very homeschool mom of me, but I was looking at this blog and I love the idea here for making homemade denim skirts that are actually cute and fun. Morgan probably has 8 pairs of jeans but only likes the way 2 of them fit her. I think this is such a great solution for those extra pairs of jeans or outgrown jeans for summertime girls clothes.
There are directions on how to do it that seem fairly simple. If I attempt this project (in my spare time :), I will be sure to let you see the results. I sure do feel inspired at the moment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Publix Sale & Coupons for 7/24-7/30

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

There are lots of great bogo deals this week, just not many coupons to match.

Kellogg's Fruit Snacks (bogo @ $2.89/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 7/13
Makes them $.94 a box

Lawry's 30 Minute Marinade (bogo @ $2.81/2)
Use 2 $.50/1 from rp 5/18 or 6/22
Makes them $.90 each

Chung's Egg Rolls (bogo @ $2.99/2)
Use 2 $.35/1 printable
Makes them $1.15 a box

BOGO Deals with NO Coupons:
Thomas English Muffins ($2.99/2)
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams ($4.09/2)
Doritos ($3.79/2)
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn ($4.53/2)
Mt. Olive Relish ($2.19/2)
Wish-Bone Dressings ($2.87/2)
Lawry's Garlic Salt ($3.69/2)
Near East Rice Pilaf or Couscous ($2.19/2)
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars ($3.59/2)
Kellogg's Smart Start Cereal ($4.09/2)
Ronzoni Pasta ($1.39/2)
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies ($4.09/2)
Jif Peanut Butter ($6.09/2)

Winn-Dixie Sales 7/23-7/29

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

It's looking like another slow week at Winn-Dixie. Although, I am excited about the Nature's Own bread. That is my favorite kind and I ordered about 15 coupons for just this kind of sale.

General Mills Cereal (bogo @ $4.29/2 - includes Multigrain Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, Cheerios Crunch, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Reese's Puffs)
Use 2 $1/2 printable
Makes them $1.40 a box

Edy's Ice Cream (bogo @ $5.89/2)
You can sign up for coupons to come to your e-mail here.

Nature's Own Wide Pan Breads (bogo @ $3.29/2)
Use 2 $.55/1 from ss 5/11
Makes them $1.09 a loaf

More BOGO Deals with NO coupons:
Nature Valley Granola Bars ($3.49/2)
Kellogg's Poptarts or Blue Bird Pecan Spins ($2.19/2)
Kellogg's Special K Cereal ($4.29/2)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ING Direct - $25 For Free!

I really like telling people about companies that are giving away free money. It just doesn't get much better than that.
So, here is another one. If you haven't already heard of ING, you haven't been paying attention. Well, they are offering an incentive for new accounts. If you sign up through a referral, you get $25 added to your account for FREE!! The only requirement is a minimum balance of $250.
I have been using INGDirect for about 3 months now and I have been very pleased. The biggest selling point for having an account through them is the interest rate. If you have a savings account through a traditional bank, your interest rate is probably somewhere around 0.20%. Even most CD's out there have a rate around 2.95%. Well, with ING, your regular savings account has an interest rate of 3%!!
I have already noticed a tremendous difference from those $.30 amounts of interest a month to $5 of interest a month.
This is a company I have no problem recommending. So, if you would like $25 for free (and, yes, I would receive a $10 bonus), please e-mail me ( and I will send you the referral link.
To check out the company, go to INGDirect.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday...

My day started at about 11:00 last night. Avery woke up and started to "retrieve" her dinner. The bummer thing about Avery getting sick is that she has NEVER made it to the bathroom on time. She is my #1 culprit of carpet vomit. This may be more than you are asking for. Too bad. I'm not done yet.
So, we were alerted to the upheaval by my other 2 daughters who were sleeping in the same room and ran upstairs to tell us.
I must say, we have become much more efficient in the cleaning up of such occasions over the years. We immediately knew that the wet/dry vacuum was needed. If you do not own one yet, buy one. I cannot tell the amount of times we have used this machine.
After cleaning the carpet, cleaning the child, getting the other 2 children to bed in a different room, moving the sick child to our room, starting a load of laundry... we went back to sleep. I say we went to sleep, but really, we just went to bed.
Every 30 minutes for the rest of the night (until 4:30 a.m.), I was awakened to help my daughter. Now, you may think that it is just the initial throwing up that she has difficult timing. But, alas, you would be wrong. Every 30 minutes, I had to anticipate what was coming when she made any movement at all. I would grab the bowl and by the time I placed it under her chin, she was already started.
So, needless to say, I slept with one eye open all night long.
We have been doing slightly better today. She has eaten 1/2 a piece of toast and drank a small amount of water and has been able to keep that down.
The strange thing about this whole sickness is the complete lack of fever from my little girl. There are actually 2 other family members that are feeling the same way and we all ate dinner together last night. I am hoping that the food did not settle well with these 3 and we will be done with this today. Otherwise, I have a virus on my hands that will spread like wildfire through my other children.
Oh, the joys!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shepherding A Childs' Heart

I am in a small group right now that is reading the book "Shepherding A Child's Heart". This is one of my favorite parenting books. It focuses so much on getting to your kids heart and core issues instead of just their behavior. I believe this is so vital. My husband and I have gone through this book in a small group 3 times before. It is amazing how each time we learn something new. Sometimes, it just has to do with the fact that our children are in a different phase of life and the material pertains to them differently.

Well, these last couple of weeks have been my favorite part of the book. We have been focusing on ages 5-12. One of the things that really hit me is how the author stresses that at this age we are moving from teaching obedience to teaching character traits. As much as I already know this to be true, I don't see evidence of that in our daily life. It is so much easier to correct each individual action than to stop and take the time to get to their heart.
We went through the Bible and looked at many different verses that talk about the type of character we are called to have. I was amazed at the long list we came up with. I was also amazed at how little of those characterize my children.
The whole point is that if we only correct and instruct the specific instance ("don't hit your brother", "share that toy", "don't talk to me that way"), then they will only know what to do when we are around. If you we take the time to stop and teach them about the character we are called to as Christians (kindness, selflessness, respect), they will be ready to face the world even when we are not there to guide them.
I was really encouraged this week to refocus my efforts as a mother. I would like to start taking a character quality every week with my kids and studying it. I want them to know what it means and have a verse that talks about it. I also want them to learn that they can only accomplish these traits if they allow the Holy Spirit to transform them.
So, this week, we are going to start with gratefulness. We will be looking at Matthew 8:4b - "Your cleansed and grateful life, not your words, will bear witness to what I have done." I look forward to talking with my children about this and hearing their perspective.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Easy Way to Get Mulitple Coupons

Let me preface this by saying that I used to buy 4 papers on the weeks that had really great coupons or lots of inserts. I have found that changing things up a bit has made a tremendous difference in the time I spend clipping and gathering.

There are a number of sites out there that sell "their services" to cut and send coupons directly to you. The benefit of this to me is that I can end up with 20 coupons for a particular item I love and none for something I would never buy.

I also figure that if I buy 4 papers, I am spending $6. If I spend $3 on an order of coupons that I know I am going to use all of, that is a much better deal.

Here's what I do:
I DO buy 1 paper on Sunday. I probably don't even need to do this. There is something controlling about me that won't let me just trust the internet for my coupon research.
Then, on Wednesday, I look through the store sale ads. If I find a sale that is extra great and something we buy anyway, I go to one of these sites and buy as many coupons as I want.
As long as I place my order by Wednesday or Thursday, I have plenty of time to receive them before the store sale is ended.
The 2 sites I look at both accept paypal for payment. This works out perfect for me.
The price for a coupon is typically in the range of 10% the value of the coupon. So, for a $1/1 or $1/2, the price of the coupon would be $.10.
The benefits of buying through
The Coupon Clippers
is that they are very fast with their delivery and they seem to have a large variety and quantity of coupons. They also have a wishlist feature that will notify you when a coupon you want is available for purchase. This site is probably the most user friendly.
The downside of this site is that your total before tax or shipping has to be atleast $3. I usually can get my total to that, but not always.
The advantage to using Coupons Are Cool (if you go there, be sure to put that clargaespada reffered you) is that there is no minimum amount for shipment and they offer a $.40 discount on checkout if you pay with paypal.
The downside to this site is that it offers expired coupons (for military families) and there is no way to sort those out. So, you have to be very careful to read the expiration date on the coupon you are searching for.

I hope this is helpful and will possible save some time and sanity for some of you out there :) It did for me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Publix Grocery Sale for 7/17-7/23

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable.

It is a decent week at Publix. There are lots of bogo deals, just not many with coupons to match. Let me know if I missed anything.

Fast Fixin' Chicken Nuggets (bogo @ $5.99/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable
Makes them $2 a bag

Simply Potatoes (bogo @ $2.57/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/1
Makes them $.77 a bag

Farm Rich French Toast Sticks (bogo @ $3.29/2)
Use 2 $.75/1 printable
Makes them $.90 a box

Cheez-It Crackers (bogo @ $4.31/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/1
Makes them $1.65 a box

A.1. Steak Marinade (bogo @ $2.99/2)
Use 2 $1/1 from ss 6/15
Makes them $.50 a bottle

McCormick Garlic Powder ($2.99/2)
Use 2 $.55/1 from rp 5/18
Makes them $.94 each

Kellogg's Special K Cereals ($4.09/2)
Ruffles Chips ($3.79/2)
Dole Salad Blends ($3.49/2)
Jones Dairy Farm Sausage ($2.29/2)
Bertolli Olive Oil ($6.99/2)
Barilla Pasta Sauce ($2.75/2)
Tombstone Pizza ($5.95/2)
Old El Paso Dinner Kit ($2.67/2)
Dannon Yogurt (20/$10)
4 Grain Large Eggs (2/$4)
Mott's Apple Sauce ($1.79/2)
Kellogg's Special K Bars ($2.99/2)
Flatout Bread ($2.69/2)
Seattle's Best Coffee ($1.80/2)
Hershey's Syrup ($1.99/2)
TrueBlue Juice Cocktail ($3.99/2)
Honest Earth Chunky Mashed Potatoes ($2.39/2)
Betty Crocker Potatoes ($1.79/2)
Emerald or California Nuts ($5.49/2)

Winn-Dixie Sales for 7/16-7/22

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

It is a VERY slow week at Winn-Dixie this week. Here is what I could find:

Pompeian Olive Oil (bogo @ $11.99/2)
Use 2 $1/1 printable
Makes them $5 each

Hormel Chunk Breast of Chicken (bogo @ $3.29/2)
Use 2 $.35/1 from ss 4/6 or 6/15

Peaches ($.88/lb. - usually $3.99/lb.!!)

Bogo Deals with NO Coupons:
Welch's 100% Grape Juices ($3.99/2)
Kellogg's Cereal ($4.97/2)
Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats ($4.29/2)
Arnold Bread ($2.89/2 - includes whole wheat, country italian and dutch country)
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce ($2/2)
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn ($4.49/2)
Ken's Salad Dressing ($2.99/2)
New England Coffee ($5.99/2)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More free $$$ from Kraft and Publix

Thanks to Karen for the head's up on this other great deal at Publix!

"Kraft is having another special for back to school buy 50.00 at publix and kraft items and get 10.00 for JCPennys 7/28-8/22
Check this out."

The deal looks very similar to the free gas deal. You have to buy $50 worth of groceries and 4 participating Kraft items and you will receive a $10 GC to JcPenneys via mail-in rebate. There is a limit of 3 GC's per person. To see all the details, click the link above and to print out the rebate form, click here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Kids Are Home

My husband left yesterday morning to meet my MIL half-way and pick up the kids. They got back around 4:30 in the afternoon. I was so excited to see them and I loved the loud "MOMMY!" and big hugs. They told me all about their week. Throughout the evening, one or the other would randomly come up to me and just give me a hug and tell me they love me.
They also paired off as siblings quickly. The 2 youngest went and did their own thing and the 2 oldest went and did their thing. I think they really missed each other.
I'm glad they had a great time in Georgia with their Mimi and Papa. I'm glad I had a break with half the amount of kids. But, most of all, I am glad they are back home!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Quiet Around Here

Well, I am on day 5 with only 2 children. I must say, things are different. The amount of noise in my house has drastically changed.
Here are the things missing:

Jordan -
1. Hearing about 30 times a day the phrase "I Can't Do It" (you may wonder what. well, with him, it's everything and anything. he is the youngest of 4 and used to having someone do just about everything for him.)
2. Asking for a hug and kiss from Mommy. He is the only one my kids who thinks this a necessary part of the goodnight routine.
3. Nap time. I don't know what to do without having to schedule my day around nap time. It's crazy.
4. Running and screaming to the door when daddy walks in and the loudest "DADDY!!!" you've ever heard. They all are excited to see daddy at the end of the day, but Jordan brings it to a whole other level.
5. Fighting through each and every meal of the day. Oh, he can be a picky one. He is about as stubborn as any kid I know when it comes to meal time. We usually battle through each bite of each meal (unless it is pancakes, spaghetti, chicken fingers or taco salad).

1. Baby talk. She is my 7 year old but she reverts to baby talk any time she is trying to be cute or wants something.
2. Cuddling. She is such a love bug and loves to cuddle and be touching at all times.
3. Compassion. She is my kid that will run to get a band-aid when someone is hurt. She also sticks up for her mama anytime someone is complaining about me. Yes, that happens a lot around here.
4. Creativity. I have barely seen a picture drawn or paper out since we've been home. Avery doesn't go more than a couple of hours without drawing or coloring something.
5. Fighting with her little sister. Although she gets along pretty well with Morgan, Avery and Sydney can fight all day long.

I know those don't all sound like good things that are missing, but I still miss them. Life just isn't the same without 'em.
I can't wait to see them both tomorrow. I'm sure they are going to be spoiled rotten by then!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Date Night and New Dress

Well, last night before we went to bed, my husband told me I needed to be dressed nicely and ready to go by 6:45 p.m. tonight. I asked him where we were going. He said he was giving me no further information.
This is very UNLIKE my husband. I was curious what he had up his sleeve.
This seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear one of my new outfits. I got ready (with the help of my sister-in-law) and decided to take a couple pictures to share.
He surprised me and took me to Del Frisco's. This is a very nice steak house in Central Florida. My first question was, "How can we afford here?". Well, he apparently had won a $100 GC to the restaurant through a radio station and he didn't tell me. He has been holding on to it for about a month and waiting for the right time to surprise me. How sweet is that?
I know, I'm lucky. I've heard that he is the "nicest guy in the world". We had a very elegant and pleasant time at dinner and a relaxing night with no kids.
Thanks baby! I love ya!

Publix and Kraft Want To Give Us Free Gas!!

O.k., this is a deal that is just too sweet not to share. Jessica first told me about this and I am super pumped. You should be able to find these small pamplets near the front of you store -
On the back cover is a rebate form for a $10 ExxonMobil Cash Card. Here are the details:
Buy: $50 worth of groceries at Publix, including any 4 different Kraft items (2 oz. or larger) of the participating brands listed below, by 7/27/08 -
Capri Sun Juice
Cracker Barrell Cheese Sticks
Crystal Light On The Go (14 count)
Handi-Snacks Puddings and Gels
Kool-Aid Jammers Soft Drink
Kraft Dressings
Kraft Mac & Cheese, Deluxe or Easy Mac
Kraft Mayo
Kraft Natural Cheese Cubes or Sticks
LiveActive Cereal or Powdered Drink Mix
Miracle Whip Dressing
Nabisco Single Serve Multi-Packs or Snak-Saks (8 oz. or larger)
Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Lunch Combos, Hot Dogs or Bologna
Planters Snack or Trail Mix
Polly-O String Cheese
Post Cereal
Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner

There is a limit of 3 per household.

There is also a $1.50/1 LiveActive coupon attached to the bottom of the rebate form.

Remember, the $50 in groceries is before coupons. I am so excited that my purchase today (last weeks deals) will count toward 2 of these gift cards. I spent $35 and saved $105 and now I am going to get $20 back in gas cards!! What a great week at the grocery store.
There are not many deals that match this deal this week at Publix, but I will definitely be watching in the next 2 weeks for some great match-ups and I will post them as they come. This will be great to combine with the Planters coupon.
If you have your receipt from last week and you qualify, don't throw that receipt away!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Publix Grocery Sales for 7/10-7/16

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

***Hot Coupon Alert***
There is a new $5/40 on the front page of the sale ad.

It is a slow week around here. I'm glad I got such good deals last week.

Dannon Activia Yogurt (3/$6)
Use 3 $1/1 from ss 6/22
Makes them $1 a 4 pack

Del Monte Fruit or Chillers (bogo @ $2.57/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/29
Makes them $.78 a 4pk

Smuckers Preserves (bogo @ $3.29/2)
Use 2 $.35/1 from rp 5/4
You can also use this $1/1 Target coupon - Thanks Jess
Makes them $.30 a jar

Keebler Sandies (bogo @ $4.09/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/1
Makes them $1.54 a package

Kozy Shack Pudding (bogo @ $3.09/2)
Use 2 $.75/1 printable
Makes them $.77 a tub

Gorton's Shrimp Temtations (bogo @ $7.53/2)
Use $.75/2 printable
Makes them $3.40 a box

Bogo Deals With No Coupons:
Betty Crocker or Sunkist Fruit Snacks ($2.81/2)
Peter Pan PB ($2.67/2)
Mueller's Pasta ($1.39/2)
Idahoan Potatoes ($1.29/2)
Doritos ($3.79/2)
Hershey's Nuggets ($3.19/2)
Publix Microwave Popcorn ($3.59/2)
Bird's Eye Veggies (50% off)
Michael Angelo's Entrees ($3.49/2)
Ray's New York Bagels ($3.29/2)

Winn-Dixie Sales for 7/9-7/15

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable

It's a slow week at Winn-Dixie, but there are a couple of things that are worth while.

Receive $2 off any Winn-Dixie Milk wyb 2 12 ct. Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts are on sale for 2/$5. There have been reported $.55/1 coupons ON the boxes of Pop Tarts.

Dove Novelties (bogo @ $5.19/2 - includes ice cream bars, miniatures)
Use 2 $1/1 from rp 5/4
Makes them $1.60 a box

Post Cereal (bogo @ $4.59/2 - includes Selects, Shredded Wheat, Fruity Pebbles, Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Honeycomb, Honey Bunches of Oats or Grape Nuts)
Use 2 $2/1 Honey Bunches Coupon
Makes them $.30 a box

Hunt's Ketchup (bogo @ $2.29/2)
Use 2 $.20/1 from ss 6/22
Makes them $.95 a bottle

Luzianne Tea Bags (bogo @ $2.49/2)
Use 2 $.60/1 from ss 4/27 or 6/29
Makes them $.65 a box

Bogo Deals With No Coupons:

Kraft Mac 'n Cheese ($1.29/2)
Ronzoni Pasta ($1.49/2)
Thomas English Muffin ($2.99/2)
Famous Amos Cookies ($3.79/2)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Splurged

Well, I finally did it. I paid "non-clearance" prices for clothes. It was hard to make myself pick up those cute shirts and that adorable dress, but I did. Don't worry, these items were still on sale. Just not my kind of sale. What am I talking about? Well, I'll tell you.

This past Christmas I was given a gift card to Kohl's. It's July... and I still haven't used it. For my birthday, I was given another gift card to Kohl's. I also had a total of $85 in birthday money to spend. So, I had a total of $165 I could spend for some new tops that would actually fit (not so easy when you are large up top). You must understand that I have gotten down to about 3-4 tops (other than tank tops) that fit me. Even these are very worn and starting to become see through. It was time for a change.

I had an unsuccessful trip already because I couldn't bare to look at anything other than the clearance racks. Well, there is not much my size on those stupid clearance racks. So, this last weekend, the whole store was having a sale. I decided this might be the right time to use up these cards burning a whole in my wallet.

My mother-in-law and I headed to the store on Saturday. I decided before I even got started that I needed to widen my view beyond the clearance racks and just look for "o.k." deals. I still can't pay full price! If I could find a couple of things that I truly liked and fit well, it would be worth the extra money (that I didn't really have to pay).

So, in I went. I was very pleasantly surprised. I found 4 nice shirts, a dress, a pair of shoes, 5 necklaces, and 4 pairs of earrings. They were all on sale and I liked the way all of them looked. My total was $165.41 after tax. How perfect is that? It is still hard to think that I spent that much money on that little of stuff, but I am going to have to get over that.

This is the area where the frugalness and the fashion sense collide. It is difficult to have both.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cavity No More!!

I was reminded by a reader that I never posted an update of how Sydney's appointment with the dentist went. So, here is the low down:
1. We arrived at the office at 9:30 a.m. on Wed., the 25th.
2. She was taken back at about 9:45 a.m. (they don't let the parents go back).
3. At about 10:30 a.m., I hadn't heard anything from a nurse or anybody. I went up to the front desk and asked for them to check on my girl.
4. She came back and told me that she was doing good. She said they were giving her a break at the moment because it looked like she had been crying. She said her eyes were all red.
Well, that is all I needed to hear. I asked if I could go back with her. She said (in her most professional voice), "We really don't like the parents to go back." I explained to her that this is the first type of any work Sydney has had. As I tried to explain why I should be allowed to go back and comfort her, I started to cry. GREAT! Now I have to walk away and go to the bathroom to regain my composure. As I walk away, I hear her saying to me, "She'll be o.k. You'll be o.k." NOT what I wanted to hear!!
5. I came out of the bathroom (a little embarrassed that I had been crying) and I sit in the waiting room with my arms crossed. I know this may sound a little childish, but I knew if I didn't make myself mad, I would probably start crying again. I did not like the thought of my little girl in the other room crying and me unable to give her any comfort. I felt very helpless.
6. Within about 20 minutes, I was called back to a room where they would bring her to me.
7. When she walked in, she seemed fine. She was happy and showing me the prizes she got. I thanked the dentist and left (still in a bad mood).

So, she was able to get away with a filling that he hopes will be all she needs. We will only know for sure as time goes by.
I do not plan on returning to this dentist unless necessary. The dentist we go to encourages my presence while they are working with my kids. I don't like feeling like an intruder when it comes to my kids.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Trampoline and Back Handsprings!

The next door neighbors of my in-laws have a trampoline and offered for us to use it for the weekend. THANK YOU, MANDY!! Well, you just can't pass up an offer like that. The kids have all loved jumping to the hearts content. But, Avery has enjoyed this treat the most. She has learned how to do her back handspring all by herself! She has been working on this with her Aunt Jaime for a while now and was just missing the confidence to do it on her own. Look at what she can do now. She still needs a little perfecting, but she is so giddy that she did it on her own.

The rest of the kids have had a great time just jumping around and trying to do flips.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

We are in Georgia for the weekend visiting Cory's parents. We will be here until Sunday and then I will be leaving 2 of my kids for a week. Avery and Jordan are very excited to be spending a whole week with Mimi and Papa! I am excited to have only 2 kids next week. And Mimi and Papa are excited to have 2 grandbabies all to themselves. So, I guess it works our all around.

We don't have any big plans for the day but we are hoping to find a fireworks stand and have our own personal driveway show. What are your plans for the day?

Well, right now, I hear screaming in the other room. So, I better go take care of that. You know, you can't just ignore it when you're not at your own home :)

Have a great day celebrating with your family and friends!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Publix Grocery Sale for 7/3-7/9

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable.

It is actually a pretty decent week at Publix this week! Don't forget that the $5/40 from a couple weeks ago is still good. If you don't have that coupon, there is a $5/50 in the Albertson's paper that you can use at Publix.
Happy Shopping!!

Kraft Mayo (bogo @ $3.99/2)
Use $1/1 from ss 6/22
Makes them $1 each

Ocean Spray (bogo @ $3.99/2)
Use 2 $1/1 from rp 5/11
Makes them $1 each

Musselman's Apple Sauce 6pk (bogo @ $2.19/2)
Use $.60/2 printable
Makes them $.80 a 6 pk.

Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing (bogo @ $2.97/2)
Use $1/2 from ss 6/15
Makes them $.99 a bottle

Lipton Family Size Tea Bags (bogo @ $4.09/2)
Use $.75/2 from rp 5/18
Makes them $1.68 a box

A.1. Steak Sauce (bogo @ $4.09/2)
Use 2 $1/1 from ss 6/15
Makes them $1.04 a bottle

Hamburger Helper (bogo @ $1.99/2)
Use $.80/3 printable
Makes them $.73 a box

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (bogo @ $2.87/2)
Use $1/2 from ss 6/22
Makes them $.93 a box

Keebler Club Crackers (bogo @ $3.69/2)
Use 2 $1/1 from rp 6/1
Makes them $.85 a box

Planters Peanuts (bogo @ $3.29/2)
Use $3/1 (when you buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco or Oscar Mayer product - I will use in conjunction with the bologna that is bogo this week) printable
Makes them $.15 each

Luigi's Italian Ice (bogo @ $3.19/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/22
Makes them $1.09 a box

Publix Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3.69/2)
Fresh Express Salad Blend ($3.99/2)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish ($2.19/2)
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks ($3.69/2)
Stacy's Pita Chips ($2.99/2)
Crystal Light or On The Go Mix ($4.15/2)
Kraft BBQ Sauce ($1.23/2)
Kellogg's Cereal ($4.09/2)
McCormick Grinder ($1.99/2)
Tostitos Chips (bogo)
Stouffer's Skillets Meal ($5.37/2)
Cool Whip ($1.95/2)
Molli Ice Cream Beads ($4.69/2)

Winn-Dixie Sales for 7/2-7/8

For great deals at more stores, check out the Grocery Gathering @ BeCentsable.

There seems to be lots of bogo deals this week (just not many with matching coupons):

Kraft Mayo or Salad Dressing (bogo @ $3.99/2)
Use $1/2 dressing coupon from ss 6/15 or $1/1 Mayo from ss 6/22
Makes them $1.50 each for dressing or $1 each for Mayo

Ball Park Franks (bogo @ $4.49/2)
Use $1/2 from rp 6/29
Makes them $1.75 a pack

Mott's 6 pk. Applesauce (bogo @ $2.69/2)
Use $.55/2 from ss 6/1
Makes them $1.07 a 6 pk.

Here are the bogo deals with no coupons:

Strawberries 1 lb. ($3.99/2)
Breyers Ice Cream ($5.89/2)
Smithfield Bacon ($4.99/2)
Oscar Mayer ($2.99/2)
Green Giant Veggies ($2.29/2)
Nature's Own Whitewheat buns ($2.69/2)
Kool-Aid or Country Time ($3.99/2)
Planters Mixed Nuts ($3.99/2)
3 pk. Swanson Canned Chicken ($4.29/2)
Mt. Olive Relish ($2.29/2)
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix ($2.29/2)
Kellogg's Cereal ($4.19/2)
Tostitos (bogo @ $2.69/2)

Here is the produce that is on a good sale:
Peaches, plums, nectarines ($1.99/lb.)
Raspberries or Blueberries ($2.99/pint)
Cherries ($4.99/lb.)