Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Biggest Loser - End of Week 6

Well, it was one of THOSE weeks again!! We were both dreading the weigh-in and rightly so. We both are the same as last week. Here are our weights:

Me (159 - same as last week and total of 11 lbs.)
Jess (152 - same as last week and total of 8 lbs.)

I saw this coming for me this week. I only did cardio 2 days this week. I only did weights 2 days.
My diet was also was not the best this week either. Because I was playing doula all day on Friday, I ate hospital food for the day. This included a pulled pork sandwich, fries and a coke (I know I didn't have to order a coke, but I was weak) for lunch. Then, new mommy and daddy ordered pizza for dinner. I couldn't be rude and not eat that, right? Well, I also had a coke for dinner. Aaaahhh! I know, bad choices for me. We also had Cheeseburgers for lunch on Sunday. So, with the slacking in exercise and bad choices a couple days with food, I was not super surprised with the scale.
It's usually a week like this that will kick my butt into high gear.

Here is what I plan to do differently this week:
NO MORE SODA!! (or sweet tea for that matter)
Make the difficult choice to eat healthier even when there are other choices offered.
Do my 3 days of cardio and 3 days of weights!! This is the week I am going to do it!

If this is your first time here, check out my previous post here.


mom_of2boys said...

Look at the bright side - you didn't gain weight! Hooray for that!

I think you deserved the Coke and Pizza after the whole doula experience. I couldn't do it. Hats off to you!

Jess said...

This stinks! Hopefully...no soda and attemping to starve ourselves will work.

Dette | Dance of Motherhood said...

ooh girl - you are an inspiration. Posting my weight online was a big step for me - much less journaling my eating habits. (sigh)

But momof2boys is right - at least you didn't gain. ;)

You GO girl!

Tammy said...

We are all allowed to slide back a little every now and then. It just makes us motivated. :o)

Jennifer C said...

Sweet Tea has become my new weakness. I've been trying to give up diet coke, but now I am addicted to sweet tea! I didn't know what sweet tea was until we moved to Texas!:) Regardless of this week...11 pounds is awesome...way to go.:)

Kelly said...

Actually, if my memory is correct, I think you and Brandi mentioned the pizza! Of course, after 12 hours of not eating, I would have agreed to anything :) You should have suggested tofu spinach sandwich :)