Saturday, April 19, 2008

CVS - Stockpiling the Gift Closet

One of the things I love about shopping at CVS is getting things for free that I can use later as gifts. I often buy things for free or nearly free that I don't need at my house but I could use them as a future gift for someone else.
For instance, I do not have any children in diapers anymore, but I always buy the diapers when I can get them for free. I have diapers and other baby essential items in my gift closet that are perfect for a baby shower or visiting a new mom at the hospital. It has come in very handy.
I also have lots of nice candles that I can use for a friend's birthday.
Wanna know what my husband got for his birthday? That's right, a brand new razor!!
Shopping at CVS has not only curbed my household items budget, it has lowered my gifts budget tremendously!!
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Sonya said...

A lady in my church does this and is trying to help me learn how to take advantage of these great deals. It's fascinating, and kind of addictive! LOL!