Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roller Skating Party!

It's a milestone birthday and everybody knows what that means! A REAL party!! Avery choose the roller skating rink. We spent 3 hours there learning and remembering how to work all those muscles. Everyone seemed to have a good time and no one got frustrated or gave up. I guess we have a determined bunch of kids :) Here are some pics of the evening. Tomorrow, my girl officially turns 10. The party may be over, but the celebrations just keep going. She has birthday meals all planned out. On Friday, we are keeping the celebrations going by Cory and the kids heading to Georgia. She is gonna think her birthday goes on forever :) I guess you only hit double digits one time in your life.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mommy/Avery Weekend Away

Last weekend, Avery and I went away for 2 nights (thanks to an awesome hook-up) for a mother/daughter weekend away. Last year, Morgan and I did the same thing for her tenth birthday and now it is a tradition. Sydney is already planning what she will do with me on our trip :)

Anyway, the purpose of this trip (besides having a fun and bonding weekend together was to explain to Avery all about the birds and the bees. I have a CD set by Dennis Rainey that is designed for a weekend and has a journal for the daughter as you listen. I love this set because it starts off by talking about relationships in general, moves to puberty and eventually covers all the details of sex. It makes it so much easier to listen to someone else explain and prompt discussion and questions then for me to go for it on my own.

My big goal is to be able to be the first person to explain and talk this subject over with my girls before a classmate or friends spills the beans. So far, that has been a success. Avery had no idea about ANYTHING! As hard as it was to take away a little of that innocence, I am so glad that she was able to hear everything first from her mom. We had some good discussions, but mostly she decided the whole thing is "odd and disgusting!". She also could not understand what teenager would want to do THAT!

She had a few questions but not too many. I expect that my deep-thinking little girl might come up with a few more in the next few weeks or months. She likes to process things and come back to me at some random time and bring it back up. I hope I'm ready :)

All in all, we had a GREAT weekend and lots of fun! We spent 5 hours at the mall on Saturday! I could hardly believe it. But, everytime I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else or to another store in the mall... She would choose the mall. We also rented a movie for our hotel room and even ordered room service (with a certificate) the first night. She was so much fun to hang out with and was impressed by everything! She thought the hotel was amazing! She commented on the carpet, the bathroom, our view, etc... several time throughout the weekend. She also thought it was awesome when I actually would buy her something at the mall. And, like the little girl she is, she still loved going up and down the escalators. I just love that girl!

Her actual birthday is coming up next week and we are having a roller skating party. She is looking forward to it and I think we will have a great time!
We got all dressed up for a night out!
This is my sassy little girl
She fell in love with these sparkly clips at the mall. I still can't believe I actually bought them at $5/each!! She is lucky it is her 10th birthday :)
Attitude :)
Mommy's attitude
The awesome flip-flop extravaganza at Payless. They were all on clearance and BOGO 1/2 off!
Is she cute or what?
Love this girl!!