Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Biggest Loser - End of Week 7

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the weigh-in this week. I actually lost 2 pounds!! Here are the official weights for the week.

Me (157 - loss of 2 pounds this week and total of 13!!)
Jess (152 - same as last week and total of 8!)

O.k., so Jess has lost some motivation. You need to head on over there and tell her to keep going!

This week I still had a hard time getting all my days of exercise in. I did cardio 3 days and weight only 1! I gotta find the time to get this done.
I did really good with my eating EXCEPT for on Saturday and Sunday. We usually spend a good part of the weekend at my parents house. This weekend they made cheeseburgers for lunch and pizza for dinner on Saturday. On Sunday, they made meatballs, gravy and noodles for lunch. I was pretty sure that the lack of exercise and having those 2 days right before my weigh-in meant I was destined for no weight loss. That is why I was so surprised.

What I plan to do differently this week:
Dare I say again... Work out 6 days!! Will I ever actually do this?
Bring my own food to my parents house. Actually, 2 of the meals I did o.k. with portion control. The cheeseburger was my big downfall.

If this is your first time reading the Biggest Loser, check out my previous post here.


mom_of2boys said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! I get so excited when I see other people's weight loss. You rock!! Keep up the good work!

Tammy said...

Congrats! Way to go!

Katy said...

Great job! You are so brave to keep yourself accountable here!