Monday, April 21, 2008

Florida = Bugs! Let Me Tell You About a Spider!!

This is what I found IN MY HOME the other day!!!! Now, for those of who don't live in Florida, this is probably extra creepy. I know living in Florida means my fair share of bugs and creepy crawlies. I have lived here most of my life but I still can't get past the huge roaches and these nasty spiders!!
Actually, I grew up in a home infested with these 8-legged creatures (affectionately named "wolf spiders"). I literally came across one of these nasty things weekly or daily. My older brothers didn't mind so much because they found new and creative ways to kill them (like a lighter and bottle of hairspray - the legs would fly off the the spider. It was disgusting).
Anyway, back to my recent discovery. It was around 8:15 in the morning. My kids were still waking up and I was on the computer. Suddenly, my 8 year old comes running up the stairs and announces, "Mommy, there is a spider in the bathroom and it's ginormous!!" Unfortunately, my kids tend to way overreact to bugs, so I was not alarmed in the least. In fact, my son often tells me a fly is a spider. So, I, ever so casually, made my way downstairs with a bottle of hairspray (no, I did not bring a lighter - it's just how I kill bugs).
My daughter tells me that it's on the other side of the door on one of the towels hanging up. I enter the bathroom a little more cautiously than I had been and closed the door. Then I saw it!! I was in a little state of shock. It was at least the SIZE OF MY HAND!! I am not exaggerating at all. I stood there with the hairspray and I really did try to make myself spray that bottle. I kept looking at the spider and then to the hairspray and back again. I started to remember how fast these little suckers can be. I thought it could easily get out of the bathroom and into the main part of the house and I could lose it OR it could ATTACK ME! I know that last part is a little extreme, but you just never know. So, I chickened out and left the bathroom.
Lucky for me, I live within a block of 4 different family members. The problem was that my parents and my brother-in-law were out of town, my husband was already at work, my 1 brother was already half way to work and I couldn't get my other brother to answer his stupid phone. I sat on the couch looking towards the bathroom for about 15 minutes and then my brother called me back. I explained the situation and he came right over to save the day.
He walked in and asked for a paper towel. Did you read that? A paper towel!!! To kill this huge spider. I told him that I had hairspray he could use and reminded him the size of this spider. He said "I'll be fine." I gave him that "ok then, dummy" look. He went in the bathroom, closed the door and quickly said "Whoa, that is a big one. Ummmm.... I'll take the hairspray." I bet he will! So, I gave him the hairspray, he killed the spider and flushed him away!!
This is when the children (o.k., me too) started to cheer! Uncle Chris saved the day!! Now, we are all a little wary of using that bathroom. I haven't seen anything since, but it sure does make you look twice before drying your face with a towel.


Elle said...

GAHHHH! I totally hate spiders! I grew up in New Orleans, so I am used to the giant roaches, but I've never gotten used to the eight-legged scaries. Ugh.

Kelly Gooch said...

I laughed so hard! I needed that this morning!!

FromThe Creek said...

I am normally the spider killer at my home, since hubby doesn't like them at all. That sounds like one that I would have a hard time being in the same room with though. Yuck!!


Linda said...

I hate big bugs...any kind. Living in Georgia put the fear of palmetto bugs into me...same with Texas and 'flying' cockroaches.

But man, I think I would mess my pants if I saw that spider.

Brandi said...

And remember. . they WILL attack you! I'm so with you. . they are SCARY! I'm so glad Chris was around this morning!

Note: I still check the spot in my bathroom that I once found one. .

Love ya,

Billie said...

OK. This is why it's worth the snow. I am a little phobic of such things.

Saph said...

Oh my gosh! I would be so totally freaked out!!! I think I'll have to go buy some hairspray just to get rid of spiders cause I don't use hairspray.

That's really one thing I really really don't like about living in FL. Way too many big roaches, spiders, and snakes!

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny! I'm here in Florida too so I know excatly what you are talking about! We get a lot of those brown scorpions too. I have two boys though and they always like to see if they can catch and release the bug. Me? I trap them under cans of Lysol, ect.. until my husband can get them. YUK!

Great story!