Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Throw Away Expired Coupons!!

If you are like me, you have always thrown away your coupons when they are past the expiration date. Well, today is a new day!
If you don't know, military bases accept coupons months past the expiration date. There is a program that will allow you to adopt a base and send all your expired coupons to them. It's easy to adopt and sign up.
Just go to this site and follow the directions. It only takes a couple minutes of your time and can be a tremendous help to those families serving our country.
I also feel so much better about some of those good bogo or $4 off coupons being used instead being thrown in the trash!
Check them out!


Linda said...

Just want to let you know that only overseas military posts will accept expired coupons, and they can only be 6 months expired or less.

A few quick hints: cut them, don't send them in the magazines (save on postage for yourself, and time on the other end).

also: if you have them sorted (by type, group, etc), try to leave them sorted.

Having lived overseas, I experienced the "coupon box" that people would send...we had to sort through to find what we needed...a lot of posts get thousands of coupons weekly and there is no one to sort them!

Tammy said...

What a great idea!