Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cavity Update

We went to the dentist yesterday for a consultation. He said that he is hoping to be able to fill the cavity without doing a root canal (I am crossing my fingers). He won't know for sure until he starts cleaning out the decay and finds out exactly how bad it is.

So, the good news is the possibility of no root canal. The bad news is the bill is going to be $300 if there is NOT a root canal. We didn't even talk about the price if there is one.

Here appt. to get all the work done is next Wednesday. They are going to use laughing gas. I am glad to hear that because I didn't like the sound of needles or putting her out.


~~ said...

Bless her heart. Bless your pocket book. ;) Love you grocery savings.... I am so impressed!

Brandi said...

Praying for NO root canal! They SUCK!

Love you!

Jess said...

oh, this is crazy! I have been making Abbie brush a few times a day and using tons of mouth wash...not that it could have prevented this, but I am totally freaked out about the COST and her poor little mouth!

Lisa said...

I pray that they can do it without a root canal for her and for your checkbook! We have no health insurance and dr's and dentists visits are SCARY!

Lisa Q

Tammy said...

My daughter had braces when she was 11 and thankfully our insurance covered half of the $6000 for them.

Rachel said...

Hi! Just found your site. I can totally relate to the cavities. Our son had to have two crowns by the age of 8. TWO. That'll be HOW MUCH?! And for something that could have totally been prevented...grr... Love your site! I'm going to add it to mine. Take care!

Billie said...

dakota had the gas thing and he didn't even remember it happening. it makes time feel like a second to them. she will do fine.

i just hope mom will too!

Thehotrod5 said...

Aww the gas should make her very relaxed...I remember having gas when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Needless to say I don't really remember anything except thinking I was a fighter in starwars (you know...I had the mask on...I could hear the gas..and that funny breathing sound like darth vador...ok maybe it was just me......)