Friday, March 14, 2008

Sitting on a Toilet for 2 Years!!

I didn't really believe this story until I researched a little and found a couple newspaper articles that explain the event in detail.
Apparently, a woman sat on the toilet for up to 2 years! They said they are confident that she sat there for at least 1 month straight. Her skin adhered to the toilet seat and her legs had atrophied.
Her boyfriend that lived there brought her food, water and clean clothes every day. He said that he attempted to coax her out of the bathroom but she refused to leave.
He finally called the police and they had to disassemble the toilet seat in order to remove the woman.
The boyfriend stated that they "had a normal relationship, it just all happened in the bathroom"! What does that mean? Sex on a toilet with a woman who can't move her legs? What the? is all I can say.
Let's just clarify some of the obvious points to this story:
1. She didn't take a shower for 2 years!!
2. She slept ON the toilet!
3. The smell from the woman and and the waste she produced was overwhelming!

This has to be one of the strangest TRUE stories I have ever seen! To read an article on the subject, click here.


Anna said...

Holy cow!!! People do some of the strangest and DUMBEST things in the world. What is the point in sitting on a toilet for that long? Great blog on it. Yes, my 1/2 price entrecard promo is still going on. I will send you a message when your ad runs on my website and credit you back 180 credits! Thank you for advertising with me. Have a wonderful day.

Sherill said...

Eww..Gross! I just signed up to have a blogger identity so I can post comments now :)

P.S. I'm joining you and Jess on the whole losing weight thing but I'm not starting until Monday :)

Jaya said...

I'll give you points 1 & 2, but not 3. She still could have flushed the toilet, and she could have sponge bathed to keep herself clean. Still, the behavior does seem totally bonkers.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


Point 3 came directly from the news article. The police said that the smell was so overwhelming when they walked into the house.


Billie said...

I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh but I did. I read the same article in the paper. I thought what in the world?

But then I felt an incredble sadness. What if God designed you to be that woman? What if that were your life and that was your existence? How sad...I'm sure that is not what God had planned for her.

To be honest there are some days that I wish I was stuck to the toilet and didn't have to leave the bathroom...that is my only solace sometimes! ;)

CanCan said...

We were talking about this one day at work...I'm still baffled.