Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Losing Weight To Win!!

I am competing against my good friend Jessica to lose all that unwanted weight! I have needed to lose those extra baby pounds (can I still blame it on them when they are 8,7,6 and 3?) for a while now. Every morning that I look at myself in the mirror, I wonder what happened. See, I actually used to be cute and skinny (didn't we all?). You don't believe me? Ok, here is the best proof I can come up with. The only other "skinny" pictures I have are from high school and that was 12 years ago. I know I'm never gonna look like that again! So, this is the best "goal" picture I could find. Look how naive and cute I am...
10 years later....
And here's Jess (check her page for the goal pic)...
Here is the deal...
We will weigh in together every Monday night (on the same scale to avoid cheating - she's like that:)
We will post the update every Tuesday.
Right now the official weight is 169 for me and 160 for Jess. I cannot believe this is in print on the internet. Hopefully that will be the motivation for me to get off my butt!
I do not have a "diet" plan. My plan is to eat better and less and excercise more(crazy new concept I came up with).
The contest ends on May 31st. So, the final weigh in will be June 2nd where we will announce the winner (it's SO gonna be ME!).


Jackie Sue said...

Wow...I can't believe you posted all that...oh well, you're gonna lose the weight anyway. I should join ya'll, but my weight is the only secret I have!!!!

Anonymous said...


I am rooting for you!!!!!

Yes, you can still consider it "baby fat" since I still do and Allison is close to Morgan's age.

I have lost 15 lbs since starting my internship. I have some serious portion control going on since I only have 20 minutes to eat lunch. I also carry my two huge bags up two flights of stairs every day. I can carry them up now without getting out of breath.
The funny thing is that I may soon be out of dress code at the school because my pants keep slipping because they are so loose. ;)


Anonymous said...

so, what is the prize? I think it should be a new swim suit for the winner and the runner up should get one, too.....because i just can't stand for anyone to lose!
I'm believing in BOTH of you-
lisa e

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

What a cool idea! I like this, you should have put up a linky and let people join in with ya! I will definately be watching. I have some skinny pics like that too! The weird thing is, I never felt even then that I was skinny and now I look back and I am like--wow I was skinny! Why didn't I wear more two pieces???

Good Luck!

Billie said...

Good luck! Bathing suit season will be great inspiration!

Jolene said...

good luck to the both of you!! I hope you both meet your goals! I look forward to reading updates! God knows I need all the inspiration I can get from others LOL.

Angie Hopkins said...

Go Cassie! Go Cassie! You can do it! How brave of you to post your weight. And I thought posting my budget was scary enough!

Thrifty Florida Mama

Southerner said...

At least you didn't have to wear a sports bra like on biggest loser.
I am trying to lose weight and wish I had someone to work with like you two do. Good luck to each of you. Look at my Wordless Wednesday post it will show why I can't lose weight.

Thehotrod5 said...

LOL good luck!!!! I am on a weight los mission...almost 30 pounds down...but I um...have a little more to lose than you do :) Just call me "fluffy" LOL


Brandi said...

Oh my. . .you are too funny! Who knew you'd have so many comments on this silly thing! Are you posting every Tuesday with results from the week?

Love you!

Southerner said...

you look like jennifer gardner/garner in your before! I hope that is her name. The girl from Alias that is or used to be married to Ben Aflec/Aflac. I am giving up spelling!

Drama Mama said...

This is gave great! Have you ever done a Fast for more than a day? My church does the Daniel Fast for the first 21 days in January. This was an eye opening experience for me.
You east fruits, veggies and nuts. No dairy, meats or anything processed. Only the basics that GOd created. At first this was hard, I did not realize how much of our diet was processed.
Once we came off the fast, it was hard to put that JUNK back into my body (ok, not that hard for diet coke, but you get the idea).
You should start this "life-change" with prayer and google Daniel Fast! It was a real eye opener for me!

Julie said...

Good luck to the both of you!

I keep saying I need to take off my extra pounds... you would think with the warmer weather coming up that would be inspiration enough...so why then did I snag up Easter candy at the store a few days ago? There are no Easter baskets to fill...Grrrr