Friday, March 21, 2008

Interview Went Well!

Well, I had my interview with the founder of Circle Christian School today. I think it went very well.
I am looking for a position teaching at one of their 1 day (6 hour) programs. If I was hired in this position, I would be paid enough to pay the tuition for all 3 of my girls to attend. It would be such a blessing.
There are still some details that are up in the air that will determine whether or not they need to hire a new teacher for the upcoming year. Once those details are worked out (hopefully in the next week or so), she will let me know what positions are available.
The positive side is that the job seems like something I would genuinely enjoy and be good at. It also seems that they are open to hiring me if there is an opening.
It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.
The coolest thing to me is that at the end of our job interview, she prayed with me. She prayed that God would provide clear direction for both her and me. She also committed this teaching position and program to Him.
What other job interview would end with prayer? Too cool.


Kelly Gooch said...

That is awesome, Cassie!! I will be praying for you! BTW-- you have inspired... I went to Publix yesterday and got 70$ worth of groceries and spent 17$!! I was super excited. I called Jess right away!!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

So will you still "homeschool" is this just a one day a week school??

That's really neat that you have something like that in the area!

I will pray for ya to get the job!

There is another christian school in our area that does not require "certified" teachers to teach the younger grades and they tend to higher parents a lot. When they get hired, they get free tuition too. I could see myself going there in a couple of years. I am just wanting my oldest to get a little more self confident and stay home it least one more year. I could totally see him going there though by 9th grade.

Jenileigh said...

This sounds wonderful! Praying that it works out for you! Funny you mention this option because for the first time in seven years I've contemplated this option myself for next year. I've actually spoken with two Christian schools but I'm still praying. I'm still so torn....

Patricia Bennett Wilson said...

I can understand you not wanting your children in public school. A good Christian school in a great alternative -- as is homeschooling for many parents. Just be sure to teach them to love to read, enjoy music, use their imagination and know God loves them.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


Yes, we still homeschool. This is actually a homeschool school that started about 20 years ago as a co-op. They offer a program for students to attend 6 hours and they teach 6 subjects on that day that can be reinforced by the parents the rest of the week.
We have done this 2 years so far and we love the balance of homeschooling and classroom setting for our family!

Thanks for the encouragement. My dad is a fine artist and we are at his house almost daily. He lets them do all the creative, messy stuff that I don't do at home. I know it's important, I just have to give them that outlet somewhere else.

Billie said...

You know, I often "panic" about the future...wondering what I will do for a job that I would enjoy and still be flexible for my family. Stories like this that God is so creative and we have NO idea what He has up his sleeve.

I'm excited to hear the end results!!!

Julie said...


This sounds like such a great opportunity for you. I wish you all the best :)

S.B. said...

This sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck with it!