Monday, March 24, 2008

My Publix Trip!!

I got all this for $46 (btw, the tuna itself is worth $70. So, I guess my secret is out... I really like tuna and pickles)!!
This includes
1o 4 pk of BB Tuna (that's 40 cans for you math buffs!)
32 Dannon Yogurt (I used the $1/4pk coupon instead of the $1/10 coupon)
Fresh fruit
Milk and more...
To see how I did it, check out my post below.

Total Before Savings/Coupons = $151.38
Total Coupons = $45.15 (including $5/50 from entertainment book)
Total Store Savings = $65.41
Total After Savings = $46.80


Organized Mom said...

Wow I am impressed .. if you would like to write some guest posts on Organized families I would be happy to include them on our Friday Guest Post :-)

Melanie said...

Great deals!

Saph said...

That's awesome!! Does your store double coupons or something?

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


No, my store does not double coupons (can you imagine if it did?). This week just happened to be another good week at Publix and I had lots of $1 off coupons.

Mrs Hannigan said...

wow- I wish we had publix here. it seems like saving like that aren't possible here. it's not much fun getting "into" the whoel coupon thing when it only seems to "count" on the east coast. If I could find someone in WA (preferably my city!) posting such savings then I'd be more excited about it. Good for you, so much easier to feed a family when the grocery budget gos so far.

(BTW- ROTFL= Rolling on the floor laughing)