Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Don't Like a Mess!

Ok, this is something I have been teased about a lot, but it's true. I can not stand to be dirty or messy, especially with food! I never let my babies feed themselves something that would end up all over them. If it was cheerios, crackers or something like that, I let them use their fingers. Other than that, I fed them.
When they got older and were eating foods that needed a spoon or fork, the same rule applied. If I believed that they could eat it without it being a mess, it was o.k. Otherwise, I did it.
Now, because I had my first 3 children in 2 1/2 years, this made meal time very interesting. My oldest was easy because she is just like me. I could trust her to eat neatly. But, you would often finding me feeding myself plus 2 more children at a meal. Don't get me wrong, my husband is a great help with the kids! But, if he wasn't there, I just couldn't let them feed themselves.
I know there are other moms like me (Jackie). But, most moms I know put whatever the meal is in front of their baby/toddler and just let them go at it. This is something that is hard for me to even watch. It just grosses me out! Even the picture above is hard for me to look at (no, that is not any of MY children!)
This used to carry over big time with letting them all get dirty outside. I was definitely "that mom" that you would hear saying, "don't touch that, we don't want to get dirty" or "we just took a bath, so we are going to stay inside today". In this area, I have actually changed quite a bit. I still don't like to see my kids filthy and sweaty. But, on days when I know they can immediately come inside and take a shower, I actually let them play in the sandbox!
This is why they have the father that they do. He lets them play and have a great time and get as dirty as they want. He would do this when they were real little and I would have to just walk away. I couldn't stand to watch.
So, where does this all stem from, you ask? I think I was truly born this way. I was the type of kid who hated to get dirty. On my first birthday, I did NOT want to touch that cake with my hands.
You might think that this means my house is always spit spot and clean. That would be a logical conclusion. However, not true. I like a clean house. I really do. Maybe it's the 4 kids. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's the time I spend on this stupid computer!! Whatever the reason, keeping this house clean is not something I do well or naturally. I have to work really hard at it. It usually takes me looking around and wanting to hide in my room before I really kick into high gear.


Billie said...

I'm terrible...I'm one of those moms that just lets there kids go at it...don't think I was that way with the 1st though. I find it's easier to just clean it up afterwards.

I like my house clean, but am far from anal...and yes, I need to stop spending so much darn time online!

Angelika said...

That picture, the first one, is extreme, LOL.

My son never liked to get dirty when he was a toddler. Now...I just refuse to buy him any white clothes because the boy can stain ANYTHING.

jenny-up the hill said...

I have a friend just like you! In fact when she comes over to my house, she will bring an extra set of clothes for her kids because she knows that my kids will be in the back yard digging a hole to China and getting filthy and that her kids will want to join! lol!!

Kelly said...

I don't like a mess either! I prefer all meals to be eaten with a fork and knife, which means John and Kevin don't get to eat ribs or chicken wings too often unless I'm out of town, or they are in a restaurant!

Brandi said...

Ok, I will say that while I'm a messy mom. . it's messy at the kitchen table. . .not on the floor like that picture! It makes me cringe just a bit!

Love ya

lina said...

Me too! I rather feed my son than have the food strewn all over him and the floor. Even on the rare occasion I allowed him to eat by himself (when he was smaller), I put cloth on the floor, on him just so he won't be covered in food.

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Great photo!

Becky said...

Ok so I am a messy mom. I was not always like that. But never like the pic you have here.I was totally like you with my daughter. Then I had boys. 3 of them. It is much harder to keep boys from getting dirty than it is girls. one is easy. 2 is doable. 3 is impossible!

Peter said...

my wife is one of those clean people who always have to have it neat and orderly. It gets to the point where i'll be eating a muffin or something and she'll scold me for dropping a crumb on the floor, and tell me how to eat it so it won't drop.

I honestly think that the cleaning need/impulse for a lot of people has a lot more to do with control, and being able to keep in control of their situation than it does with actually having things clean..

Jackie Sue said...

I don't like to look at that picture either...gross :) Today Ellie got chocolate all over her and its such a rare occasion that we immediately got the camera to take pictures...I'll try to remember to post one!

elexisb said...

I am with you. The most awful thing ever invented are those gross baby cookies that turn to mush in their mouthes and get ALL over. They make me want to throw up. I NEVER had them in my house and my mom always told me I was rotten for not letting my girls have those nasty things!