Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschooling Ruled Illegal In California!

Here is a comment from a reader that I feel is important and could impact homeschooling throughout our country. Please read and sign the petition.

"I wanted to ask you to sign a petition to help support homeschooling in California which has been threatened by a recent court decision, and possibly mention it on your blog or in an email to your friends/family to help spread the word? There's more information here.


I looked this up myself because I had not heard about this ruling. Here is one article from a California newspaper that I found very informative on the matter.


Pink Lemonade Liz said...

I heard this from my dh last night - I so can't believe it!

CA's schools are in such a fix as is and they want to add all the homeschool kids into the system (yeah, that's a good way to save $$ huh?).

We're planning to homeschool our oldest when she starts middleschool year after next, fortunately, dh is a teacher so this will not be a problem.

Just another way for the state to make everyone's lives miserable.

Brandi said...

OH MY!! My friend who lives in San Diego said today that they are telling people that they have 2 weeks to enroll their kids in school!

This is ridiculous! I read that article too. . .then had to read a bunch of comments!


mom24 said...

This is just wrong - plain wrong - in a country like ours! I pray there will be enough noise made by hschoolers to make a difference here!

Billie said...

wow! I was very sad to hear this. I don't homeschool currently, but I'm very open to it and very supportive of it. The thing I never understood is if the public schools are considered so awesome by the state...and majority of us came from them, then we should know everything we are teaching them.

I thought studies and researched have proven that homeschooled children can's not like a new concept or something.

I hope this doesn't start a snowball effect...have you heard anything more regarding other states?

oh my.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cassie,

I just checked out information for this and there was a new article from the LA times about the homeschooling issue.,1,7263391.story

It seems that Gov. Swartz is trying to help. I hope this issue will be resolved soon and those parents rights will be preserved.


mrsjojo said...

What a shame! I hope that the state has enough room in the prisons for all those who don't go along with this ruling. :) Someone has too much time on their hands to have to worry about all the homeschooling families who are doing positive things for the state. My prayers are going up for the situation.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs Hannigan said...

Hey- i have been doing my own investigative report on the matter, it's coming out later today. I think CA parents need to band together and demand official legal homeschooling law. I hope, in the meantime, that they are able to find a situation that doesn't force their kids into public schools. This family really were "bad apples" though- not representative of the greater homeschooling community at all.

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I to don't get this. Whether it stays that way or not, I do not understand how one, legally or morally they can do this. Oh sorry, I put morally with California...LOL.

We lived in Northern CA for about a year a few years ago. The schools were so crowded our girls got bused to a school clear across town. It was ridiculous. You think they would want the kids 'out' of the school system. Oh well, that is Cali for ya. :)