Saturday, March 15, 2008

3rd Grade Test Prep - Do you know the answers?

So, we are preparing for Morgan's SAT test next week. So far, I have been very pleased with her reading and math. This week we started going over Science and Social Studies. I knew these were going to be the weakest subjects, but I was still surprised by some of the questions. I didn't even know the answers to some of them. I guess I wouldn't do too well on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?". So, here a few of the particular questions that I was shocked my little 3rd grader was supposed to know. See if you know the answers (without any research, no cheating).

1. Who is Sally Ride?
a. first U.S. woman physician
b. first U.S. woman to win three gold medals
c. first U.S. woman astronaut
d. first U.S. woman in Congress

2. What language is spoken by most people throughout the world?
a. Chinese
b. English
c. Spanish
d. Russian

3. Scientists use scientific methods to
a. find answers to their questions.
b. find questions to their answers.
c. solve the many problems they have.
d. prove they are scientists.

4. Scientists state their guesses as
a. a theory
b. a hypothesis
c. a conclusion
d. a guess

These are just a couple of the questions that seemed a little difficult for my little 8 year old. Even though I knew the answer to most of them (I'm not telling which ones I didn't), it seemed a bit harder than I was expecting for her age.


Jess said...

Yeah, I knew the answer to "most" of the questions too! As always these kind of test are more you learning how to take a test,more than knowing hte answer. As if she needs to know who Sally Ride is! Oh,wait-Yes, I just had to answer that as a sewcurity question when we opened our new bank account. It proved I am an American. Good thing I didn't miss 3rd Grade!

Anonymous said...

Well you should see some of the questions they ask to become a teacher. They were asking music questions on the professional educators exam and most secondary teachers do not take the music class required from elementary education majors. Go figure!

Sometimes the questions on standardized tests are just stupid facts that no one cares about.


Billie said...

I think I knew the answers, but of course you think you always know the right answer if you answer it that way. That is scary hard for a 3rd grader! Although they skip the saddest things in public schools. My neices and nephews 12,10,8 did not know who Alexander Graham Bell sad is that?!

Southerner said...

Living in Huntsville my kids better know who Sally Ride is! When we were in FL and the kids were tested, there were two questions that a lot of the kids did not answer correctly. One of the questions showed pictures of trees with leaves, flowers, etc. It asked which one was a photo of fall. Um, we get like zero fall colors! And when we did see some color it was officially winter. The other was a picture of a toddler, child, and adult and they were to answer which one was a school age child. Well, in most families the toddlers do school pages and games,and a lot of adults take college classes so the kids didn't know that.