Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Target and CVS deals!!

Last night was a great trip to 2 of my favorite stores. First stop was CVS.
Here is my purchase there:
Tresemme Hairspray @ $3.33
AAA Batteries @ $5.29
Tylenol travel size @ $2.49
Playtex sport @ $4.99
Johnson's Soap @ $1.49
Johnson's Soap @ $1.49
Dozen Eggs @ $2.19
Total is about $20

$1 coupon on tylenol (or from paper)
$2 coupon on tresemme
$5 coupon on batteries
$2.50 coupon on playtex (from coupons.com)
$2 coupon on Johnsons
$2 coupon on Johnsons
$4/$20 purchase (from last week)
$2/$10 purchase
coupons total is $20.50
all products free plus $2.49 ECB from tylenol!!

Next transaction was:
2 packs CVS brand Pull-up @ $12.99
Johnson's soap @$1.49
total is $14.50

$5/$15 purchase (from a couple weeks ago)
$2/$10 purchase
$3/$10 CVS brand purchase (printed from machine in store)
$2 off Johsnson's
coupons total is $12
Paid $2.50 for evertything!!

Next was Target -
My first transaction was:
Huggies wipes @ $2.64
Huggies bath wash @ $2.84
2 Glade Flameless Candle @ $19.56
Glade refill @ $2.50
Polly Pocket Set @ $6.98
Broccoli @ $.99
total is about $33

$3/2 huggies items
B1G1 free Glade Candle ($9.78 value)
$2/Glade refill
$5/Polly Pocket
coupons total is about $19
I paid $14 and got 2 $5 gift cards from the candles

Next transaction:
Broccoli @ $.99
2 Glade Candles @ $19.56
Glade refill @ $2.50
total is about $23

B1G1 free Glade candle ($9.78 value)
$2/Glade refill
coupons total is about $13
I paid $10 in GC from 1st transaction and $1 out of pocket

Transaction 3:
Broccoli @ $.99
2 Glade Candles @ $19.56
total is about $21

B1G1 free Glade candle ($9.78 value)
coupons total is about $11
I paid $10 in GC from 2nd transaction and $.63 out of pocket


Amber Shimel said...

Hey Cassie! Your deals boggle my mind! That is amazing how much stuff you got any barely paid anything for it. Very impressive! A question- your CVS transactions had a $5 off $15 purchase from a few weeks ago. Do they take expired coupons? Because I just tried to use that coupon a day after the expiration date and they wouldn't let me! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

It all depends on which CVS you go to and who your cashier is. I have used expired coupons in the past with no problem. Most cashiers will scan them through and as long as the computer takes it, they don't care.

Dianna said...

Thanks Cassie! I will be heading to CVS and Target tomorrow!


Brandi said...

oooh, cute new blog!

Brandi said...

FYI Great job adding more ads. . .I just gave you 10 clicks!

Emily said...

Nice job on the deals today! I hit Target and found some great buys with the Huggies coupon and some other little things like free nail clippers with a Revlon tool coupon.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Hello again Cassey, I like your post. Check out what is on my 9 year old son's blog about food... It's the second post down and called "What the world eats" I am sure you will find it VERY interesting!!!


God bless you and yours. Ruth

Donna said...

Great CVS shopping! I have been hitting the stores all week for the free (practically ) batteries and johnson shampoo. --I have been buying the small 1.99 bottles of Johnson Baby Shampoo.

I wish we had a target here in WV area--we are possibly getting one next spring in a near by shopping development (that's the rumors I have heard)---I hope the rumors are right!

Thehotrod5 said...

great job! I am heading to CVS tomorrow and then probably on Sat for more great deals!


Bonnie said...

Awesome week! I love getting all this fun stuff for free. Doesn't look like next week will be a very good week for CVS so it's good we got so much this week! I don't have kids but I got a ton of free huggie wipes at Target for my sister-in-law. What fun!

Em-A-Roo said...

When you are talking about your first and second transactions, are they separate trips or all on the same trip??

~Cindy~ said...

Awesome trip..you inspire me..

~Cindy~ said...

OHHH and can you please explain to me about how you got such good deals on the store brand pullups, I have a son who has bladder incontinence and has to wear them all the time and I need to save all I can there..