Friday, December 7, 2007

The socially adept homeschooler

Being socially adept is usually the first concern of anyone unfamiliar with homeschooling. In fact, this was my husband's first question when I suggested homeschooling of our children. Well, anyone who knows me at all would testify to the extreme social nature I have always had. I was home schooled until 7th grade and did not live a seclusive, separate life from the world.

There has been much research done on this subject. Dr. Larry Shyers conducted research in 1992 to determine if home school children were socially retarded compared to public or private school children. The results were overwhelmingly on the side of the home schooler. In fact, public/private school children were much more likely to have behavior and social problems than those who were home schooled.

Learning to be socialized with a group of peers and 1 adult is far less likely than learning how to interact in society by watching the examples of parents and other children with their parents.

Dr. Raymond Moore, author of over 60 books and articles on human development, has done extensive research on this topic. "The idea that children need to be around many other youngsters in order to be 'socialized,'" Dr. Moore writes, "is perhaps the most dangerous and extravagant myth in education and child rearing today." After analyzing over 8,000 early childhood studies, Dr. Moore concluded that, contrary to popular belief, children are best socialized by parents -- not other children.

So, if you are reading this because you already are or are thinking about homeschooling, I hope the facts are proof enough.

If you are reading this and have children in public/private school, you still have a significant influence on your children. According to the School Improvement Research Series, "All the research studies which address these areas (attitude toward school or toward particular subject areas, self-concept, classroom behavior, time spent on homework, expectations for one's future, absenteeism, motivation, and retention) found that parent involvement has positive effects on student attitudes and social behavior."

Overall, the more involved the parent in their children's lives, the better academic, social, and emotional development of the child. My goal is also to develop my children spiritually by revolving everything they learn around the God who made it all.
People say all the time that they could never do what I am doing. Not only do I believe anyone "can" do it, I believe it is one of the best things I am doing in my kids lives right now.


Jess said...

this is like a news article...good job!

Thehotrod5 said...

Hi! i just found your blog. We too are homeschoolers.Some of the comments I get, I really haave to "breathe" and pray before I answer. I was talking with a woman about homeschooling last week and, of course, she was homeschooled one year and hated it. She then went on to say" Well I guess its not that bad if you don't know any better..." ug. The concept is balance! Thanks so much for your well articulated article!


Christina said...

Go Cassie, Go Cassie! (imagine me chanting this while doing the "running man") :-) You're such a positive advocate for homeschooling. I'm so proud of you!

Donna said...

Hi Cassie, I just hopped over after your comment on my doubtful homeschooler. Thank you for the encouragement. I just wish people could see the behavior changes we are seeing. I think my mom just sees my oldest son sleeping in a little. She bites her tongue but I know she as well as the other grandmother just thinks this is all so wrong.

The only other concern I have is a struggle to make it "fun". As my 12 year old puts it---I just have not figured out how to make long division fun????
I am trying to play more educational games with him like scrabble/yahtzee, etc. We do a lot of take turn reading and I look for related games via the internet to make subjects interesting. So he goes back and forth, but I think he likes it 80 percent of the time.

The one thing that makes me think he will want to continue with this next year as opposed go to a small private christian school is the fact I let him sleep in till between 9-9:30 ish, He loves that! Have you looked at the homeschool is cool videos on youtube?? Most of them are made by teens pointing out that benefit---hee hee I think that is funny but so true, what teen doesn't like to sleep in???