Monday, December 10, 2007

My CVS Deals

This week has been great at CVS! I have made about $10 in CVS bucks so far and I plan to go back a couple more times during the week. My best deals this week are:

3 packs of batteries at $5.29 each.
My total is about $16.
$5 off energizer CVS coupon
$2 off energizer man. coupon
$5/15 purchase
$2/10 purchase
total is $2 that I pay from my ECB and get back $5 in ECB!
I also have this transaction:
Oasis Mouthwash at $5.99
(2) Doritos at B1G1 for $3.50
Extreme Energy at $$4.99
Total comes just under $15.
I use $15/5
$1.50 off mouthwash
$6 of my ECB
I get back $11 in ECB
I make $5!!

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Brandi said...

so cool. . .you need to teach me!