Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm dreaming of... a small budget Christmas

12 packs of gum from CVS: FREE

6 candles from Target: FREE

6 children's gifts from CVS: FREE

6 Polly Pocket sets from Target: $4

Candy stocking stuffers from CVS: FREE

6 Gameboy/Leapster games on black Friday: $30

20 dollar items from Michaels (40% off): $12

A Christmas Budget under $50: PRICELESS!!


Jess said...

You Rock!

Brandi said...

Seriously? I didn't see any baseball stuff for Jordan on there. . .we need more details! I want pics to prove it! You are amazing!

I think I ended up spending $100. . and yes, most of it at the Dollar Store. . but, I have one less kid!

Love you,