Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Tree Vomit

What??!! Oh, ya, you read that right. In case you didn't know, we got a puppy last Christmas for the kids. He has been a great dog and met all of my requirements for adding an animal to our home. He doesn't bark (our last dog barked incessantly and woke kids up from naps all the time), he doesn't shed, he was housebroken very quickly, he is great with the kids! His one down fall when we got him was that he would run away anytime he could sneak out the front door. We got a "training" collar and resolved that problem quickly (I know you animal rights people are having a fit).
Well, I have now learned a new down fall. He likes to eat the needles off the Christmas tree. I didn't even know he was doing this until yesterday when a little voice yelled, "Mom, the dog just threw up on the floor!" I came running in the room (more concerned about my newly cleaned carpet than the dog) and there it was - a pile of Christmas tree needles mixed with the stomach acid from my dog. Was that descriptive enough? No? Ok, it was orange and foamy and sounded like nothing you want to hear when I vacuumed it up.
So, the lesson for me is: Keep the dog away from the Christmas tree!!
I'm trying to think of a way to turn that into a Science lesson for school. So far, nothing comes to mind that doesn't make me want to vomit.


Dianna said...

Well sometimes dogs eat grass or greens on purpose to make themselves vomit. Not sure if you could relate this to Science, but you could look it up on a vet's site and it might count.

Keep the dog away from poinsetta plants too. They are poison to dogs.


Christina said...

How funny! No, not really... Shyanne, our obese Golden Retriever, threw up on my bedroom (carpeted) floor 3 times yesterday by the time I could throw on a pair of flip flops and usher her out of the front door. I tried to move as quick as possible... Then, we get outside and guess what? Oh yeah, she's done vomiting now. My heart goes out to you!

Anonymous said...

"training collar"? You don't mean those horrible kind that shock do you?

I sure hope not. Dogs are people too and should be treated as such.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Anonymous (Greg or Jaime)?
Yes, I am talking about a shock collar. Don't worry though, these really stupid guys were at our house one day and tested the collar on themselves. So, I think we are o.k. using it on the dog.
I usually only use it for training purposes. There is the occasional entertainment factor and the trick of making him do a full flip in the air, but it is mostly used for training.