Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Presidents

We have flash cards that have a picture of each President on a card. The cards tell which president they were, the years in office, birthday, VP, nickname and some historical facts on them. The girls love to quiz each other with them. They are learning how to put the Presidents in order by name and by picture.

This has been a fun, easy school project the last couple of days. One we will definitely be taking with us in the car trip.


Dianna said...

That's awesome Cassie! Where did you find the cards? Sounds like something my kids could use.


Laura said...

I love ideas like this one that you can take on the road, or do while you're waiting in the dentist office, etc. I'm also curious where you got your cards.

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Hi Cassie, Thank you so much for testing my linky!! I was soooo tickled to log on tonight and see that it worked. Being rather a newbie to the blog world this techy stuff can be intimidating. I am just so glad it worked

I too have some of those kind of cards, I got them a few years ago in a combo pack I think from Walmart, they came with cards on money and something else--I might dig those out and play with my son! Thanks again

Hope you join in next tuesday!
I really hope this will help me to glean some orignal and fun ideas from everyone!