Sunday, December 16, 2007

School in the Car

We are going to Georgia for Christmas and as I said, there are not enough days in this month to get all the school that needs to be done completed. So, we are going to do school in the car. This will require some modification to our normal school schedule, but that is the beauty of home schooling!!

We will do some flash cards (math and phonics). We also will make good use of the Leapsters that each girl has. My favorite part about these games is that they are all educational and fun. Electronic toys are rarely used in our home. We save those type of things for the long car rides. Because of this, my children are entertained by them for most of the car ride.

We will probably not do any reading or writing because my oldest tends to get car sick fairly easily. I may do some reading to them though. I'll keep brain storming to think of ways to make the trip educational enough to be school. Maybe I will look up some info about the cities we will be driving through and use some of that. If you have any great car educational ideas, let me know.

All I know is that we wouldn't be able to do any of this if my children were in a conventional school. I love the flexibility of schooling at home!


Brandi said...

You could do some major counting. . math with miles or cars passed or exits? History on the automobile? History on different cities? Science on the old fire spots you pass and draughts? Bible on PATIENCE? English in picking spelling rules that city names or billboards use or break? Ok, those are my ideas! I'm ALL about making anything school! That's the beauty of homeschooling! You can do the same on vacation too! Use Warner Robins as your tool! I'm sure Jackie could tell you all sorts of history stories!

Love you. . .when do you leave?

Anonymous said...

We used to get books on tape from the library. That way we could all enjoy listening and really get into the story! They did have some good clean stories but who know's now.


P.S. I love reading about you and your kids!

Donna said...

My kids love to use --write on wipe off type books--Sams club has some really cool educational giant ones, they are also magnetic--These books worked real well to entertain my antsy 4 year old at basketball games. We also have some smaller ones we got at Walmart that have multiplcation, letter writing, addition/subtraction things on them--and they are the size of a palm pilot.

On another note-I must thank you for the encouragement to homeschool on my own time schedule--my house has been clean all week!! My son is enjoying school more--since I let him sleep in more! And everything feels like it is being accomplished!