Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hilarious Story from my sis-in-law (a CVS drama)

This the exact e-mail I received from my sister-in-law on the night before Christmas Eve. I had just talked to her about the battery deals that were good for only that day and it was already 10:30 p.m. She decided to make a CVS run and here is what happened!! It sure brought out the Christmas spirit in everyone. I couldn't stop laughing as I was reading:

"I almost got mobbed and assaulted at CVS! Yes, I went after we hung up (with Kam's encouragement). I went over to JYP beyond Millenia to go to a 24 hour store (it was 11 when I got the coupons printed out).
I had 6 transactions and had carefully sorted them out in my basket. As I got in line behind 4 other people, a long line began forming behind me. There was one register clerk (young guy) who was carefully looking over every printed out coupon and not thinking he could accept the $2 off one. I had to explain to him that this is something I'd done many times. Anyway, he handled the angry mob quite well. During the first three transactions, nobody said anything. But as more people got in line, this one guy, I'll call him ringleader, started yelling out for us to hurry up and why can't they open another register. He started complaining loudly to a girl behind him and then he started making fun of me (still complaining, of course). They went on and on about this not being black Friday and how many transactions I was going to do and how many pennies I was trying to save. I did not respond (oh, but I wanted to so bad). I only told the clerk he was being very patient and not to listen to the booing and yelling that was going on behind me. The guy was still yelling at me as I gathered my stuff, "it's about time, coupon lady" , "there's other people here trying to shop", etc. One of the sensors went off as I left telling me to return to the counter but I didn't. I kept walking as the guy laughed at me and said the coupon lady is stealing something! Part of me wanted to laugh and the other part wanted to crawl under cart and hide in shame.
Was it worth it? Well, I got 2 Oasis, 4 Energizers (I was going back until the angry mob got me), 4 Neutragena men's products, 1 Softsoap, 2 Palmolives, 2 Johnson's baby, 2 Soft Lips, 1 Tums, 3 Yardley of London soaps. I spent $14 out of pocket but I got back 8 CVS bucks so that's like spending $6.00 on all that (6 transactions that were at least $10 each). Everything I bought was on sale and gave back bucks. That may not have been the best deals, but I got Kam and my mom stocking stuffers that they will like and some free stuff. Not bad."



Christina said...

I guess this is why I don't do the "coupon - multiple transaction" thing. I'm so scared of the angry mobs! I'm a huge non-confrontational type of person, so this type of event would have given me a migraine and stressed me out for at least a week! You go Denise! I admire you!

Jess said...

This is just too funny!

Donna said...

Wow! I am also not very confrontational and would not have handled that well. I would have likely began to cry. I actually never do more than one transaction and I even travel to three different CVS, sometimes on the same day. I do that also because they are often out of some of the good deals, and yet they have the products at another store.

I admire Denise, but I could not have dealt well with that situation! People are unbelievable!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Ha Ha! Well done to your sis! Poor thing though! There are some HORIBLE people out there...