Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Boy

So, I am getting ready to leave for Nebraska yesterday and my little Jordan walks into the room. I ask him if he is ready to go stay with Abbie for a few days. He looks at me and
answers, "Ummm... kinda no."
I ask, "Why?"
He says (with the most pitiful eyes you can imagine), "Because, then I won't get to give you hugs and kisses before I go to bed."

OH, Melt my heart!! Is that boy sweet or what? I told him that I was going to be gone for 5 days so he could go ahead and give me 5 goodnight hugs and kisses right now. He thought that was acceptable.

Avery is also a little apprehensive about us leaving. When we went on the cruise, she was the one who cried for us and missed us the most. She has already told me she doesn't want me to go. I love being wanted :)

Sydney seems to be pretty indifferent to the whole thing and Morgan, well... she has been helping us pack our bags. She said she wants us to leave. Isn't that heart-warming? She looks forward to any opportunity to go anywhere. Even when she was a baby, she would cry when we would pick her up after being gone all weekend because she didn't want to leave grandmas.

Isn't it funny to see how differently God created each child?


Valarie Daly said...

He is a precious little boy! And OH how those big brown eyes can melt a heart! Little boys that have a tender heart like that is such a joy to raise :-)

Brittani said...

sweetness! I can't stand seeing my kids upset about me leaving. Mat has actually had to step in a few times and tell them that it makes mommy sad when they don't want me to go have fun. SAD DAY! I don't like seeing my babies miss me. :( I will pray for everything to go well while you are gone so you dont have to get "crying phone calls".

Ruth MacC said...

That is amazing!

I only have one child but I come from a family of 10 and I know how different we all are.