Friday, April 17, 2009

Building the Raised Beds for the Garden

We have officially started the garden! Look how things are coming.
The guys built our own raised beds. (They are so handy!)

Jordan decided to join the men and help. Isn't he cute?
Working Hard
The Finished Product (we put newspaper and paper bags down as mulch on the bottom -
this helps the weeds out!)
Here's all the kids helping. They loved playing in the dirt!

We are going to be planting tomatoes, green beans, crookneck squash, green bell peppers and cantaloupe. I will update tomorrow when it's all planted.


Kristen said...

I'm telling ya, call Sue if you have any thoughts-that woman is great with gardens, she used to grow us tons of yummy lettuce, carrots etc. When we eventually get our own place, our plan is to build a nice big garden for veggies too.

Jen said...

very fun Cass!! can't wait to see all the veggies you'll be growing and eating!

Anonymous said...


Please write and article on the community garden vs the each home garden and that feeling most of us have is it really worth our time and how we fit it all in with working a full time job and managing a family etc....

Jennifer C said...

So impressed! The pic of Jordan helping is really cute!:)

Anonymous said...

Great Job. Where did you get the soil to fill the boxes?

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


we actually were fortunate enough to have a job site donate the extra dirt they weren't using.