Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Meeting

Well, we got together with the all the families interested in participating in this community garden. We have a plan and we are moving forward. We are looking at getting some compost from a local farm or zoo. We have heard that this may be a much cheaper way to go than trying to buy it from a store.

We are planning to build up beds (to keep weeds and bugs to a minimum). So, the initial investment is going to be mostly in the supplies to build the beds.

We don't know exactly how much of everything we are going to plant, but we do have a general idea of what. So, here is the preliminary list:

Tomatoes (a couple of us have already done this with good results. These are easy to grow, produce a lot and we use them daily).
Green Beans (there seems to be a little debate on the planting season for these guys. Some places say early Spring OR early Fall. Other places say only early Fall. We are going to try a couple and see how it goes.)
Squash (we are just in time for some good Summer squash)
Watermelon (easy to grow and a fun treat)
Oranges (we already have a tree in the back yard. We just need to take better care of it).
Herbs (I don't know exactly which ones we are going for, but I am guessing Oregano and Basil are for sures)

I think that is it for this season. I am already excited about this and about what we can grow in the Fall. If you have any great tips on the list above, please share :)


Kelly said...

We had a garden when we were growing up. I remember picking peas, beans, and tomatoes ALOT during the summer. Good times!

Valarie Daly said...

How fun! There's nothing like fresh garden veggies!! If I had the time I would definitely be planting one. I hope your harvest is plentiful and if I was able I would love to join in the fun!

Frugal Finds said...

I love hearing people gardening plans!! Way to go. You could always call your local extesion office (google that to find them for your county) to ask them planting season on any veggie for your area. Good luck! I look forward to reading about yoru progress!

Anonymous said...

gee, I didn't know ya'll are doing a garden. Sophie and I have planted seeds and now have seedlings for tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, squash and watermelons. When they get big enough we would love to share some of our plants with you, probably another week or so.
Also, I just discovered the Winter Garden Community Garden on 9th Street...such a great venture. I talked to a lady there and she said if you google it you can find their website and their master gardener will answer your questions.
lisa e

Rick said...

The website for the Winter Garden Community Garden is Lots of great photos and information.