Monday, April 20, 2009

My Grandpa

My grandpa is in his last days. He has been sick for a while and decided that if anything else major came up, he was going to quit doing dialysis. He stopped this on Saturday and was told he was looking at a week at the most.
Today, we got word that he probably won't make it through the night. The whole thing is very bitter sweet. I have no doubt where my grandpa is about to go. He loves the Lord and has passed down a very rich heritage in my family. He has 23 grandchildren and 40 + great-grandchildren. He has been married for over 65 years to the same woman!
He has been such a testimony to so many!
We have lived on the other side of the country from my grandparents since I was a little girl. It was amazing to me how that didn't seem to make a bit of difference in the way my grandparents loved me and I them. The thing I looked forward to the most growing up were those trips out to Nebraska and Colorado to see my family.
I am so thankful for the impact my grandfather has made in my life and every person he knows.
In a couple of days we will mourn his death and we will all miss him dearly! But, we will also celebrate, knowing he is going somewhere far better than this world. He will not be hooked up to any machines or need any medicine to keep him healthy. He will be standing in the presence of our Lord and all his glory!


Kelly said...

Def. bitter sweet!!! Sounds like an amazing man!! Prayers are with you this week!

nate and liz said...

Grandpa's pancakes... wish I could've tried them. However, I am so glad I was able to spend time with him a couple weeks ago. It is very encouraging to know you loved and felt so close to your grandpa despite the distance. I oftentimes wonder if my girls will feel close to my parents... thanks for sharing you heart!

Ruth MacC said...

I ;am trying very hard not to cry because I have two boys beside me. I am so VERY glad he is saved and you will be with him FOREVER!

My dad died last year and was saved just before his death. I never knew him as a good person. But oh how I cry every now and again with pure gladness and happiness to know that I will see him again and he (and I ) will be perfect...

I hope you have the strenght to support your family during this sad time. May God continue to bless you.

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