Sunday, April 19, 2009

Starting our Journal

We headed out to the garden today to start our garden journal. For today, we just measured each kind of plant and wrote down the height. In the future, we will also include any details we see (flowers or buds, bugs, wilting, etc...)
Here is Sydney measuring one of the green bean plants (4 1/2 '')
Recording her findings on our chart
Jordan measuring Beef Steak Tomato Plant 3 (12'')
The Celebrity tomatoes came in at 3'', the BS 1 was 8'', BS 2 was 24'' and BS 4 was 11''
Jordan recording his numbers
Morgan measuring squash (3''). She also measured the cantaloupe, which is only 1'' right now.
Avery measuring bell peppers (7 1/2'')

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Brittani said...

Too cute! They look like little scientists! I love it