Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating Passover

No, we have not converted to Judaism. But, I do love the rich tradition and history behind some of the Jewish Holidays. There are so many ways that Christians can adapt these Holidays that Jesus celebrated while he lived on Earth to fit their family in fun and unique ways.
This is the first year we have celebrated the Passover and we held a Seder with our friends and family on the first night (Wednesday).

After much research, we put together a menu, a haggadah and plan for the evening. We got some books from the library to help the kids understand the meaning better. We spent the evening remembering what God did in the land of Egypt to save his people and then again how He was the ultimate sacrifice and saved us all.

Here are some pictures from the night. The kids did great and learned a lot.
Grandpa was the leader. Here he is reading from our haggadah
Sydney and Abbie are following along (and Abbie is asking one of the scripted questions)Everyone washed their handsAvery and Jordan getting their hands washedThe older kids did a great job of reading along and paying attentionJordan and daddy (Jordan is asking one of the scripted questions)

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