Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On The Road Again

We left from Nebraska approximately 14 hours ago. The GPS is showing that we still have another 13. I'm hoping the calculations are a little off, because that would put us home a bit later than I was planning.

I would really like to get home in time to spend some time with my kids before bedtime. I know I could just let them stay up late tonight, but I don't know if that will be possible. I hear I'm going to be receiving some very exhausted children. They have been worn out every day. Yesterday, they spent the day at the beach with aunt Jaime and aunt Jessica. I imagine that by the time we get there tonight, they are going to be ready to sleep for 2 days straight.

As much as I wish my kids could've gone on this trip with me, it was just not possible. But, I am so thankful that I have family I can leave my kids with and not have to worry about them. Between Jaime (sister-in-law), Jessica (friend, but like family), Chris (brother) and my grandma, my kids have been spoiled and taken well care of. I know even when I miss them and they miss me, they are in good hands.

Thanks to all of you who loved on my kids while I was gone. You gave me peace of mind and allowed me to truly enjoy the time I had to spend with family far away. I am blessed in so many ways!!

We will get home as fast as we can.


Jen said...

Drive safely! I know it's so nice to know your kids are in good hands while being away!

Miss you friend, Jen

Dearest Jessica said...

I haven't heard you ask about your sweet dog Murphy even once!
He and Ladie are having lots of fun. He has not even tried to run away.
Don't worry I don't want to keep him...