Monday, April 27, 2009

Missing My Kids

We have been gone 4 days now and we won't be home for 2 more.

I love coming to visit my family out here. In fact, I've always looked forward to trips to the Midwest all my life. I still do. But, I sure wish my kids could've come with me. It's been strange seeing all my cousin's kids and not having mine here.

Apparently, my little man is the one having the hardest time with us gone. He is the only one who has called us consistently at bed time so that daddy can say bed time prayers and mommy can give hugs and kisses on the phone. Until today, that has seemed to be enough.

Today however, he is missing us! I talked to him earlier and he tried not to cry for most of the phone call. Then, when he thought I was about to get off the phone, he broke down. He cried the most pitiful cry I've ever heard. He didn't want to tell me why, but I knew. So, we talked for a while longer and we played some games on the phone. He brightened up a little and by the end of our call, it was dinner time. He was ok getting off the phone and I told him he can call me anytime he wants.

All of sudden, 2 days seems like a long time :(

I can't wait to get home and get all the kisses you refuse to give to anyone else.

I haven't heard a burp like yours since I've been gone. Who thought you could miss that?

I need some good snuggle time when I get there.

I'm sure you are holding down the fort and taking care of all your siblings. Don't worry, I'll take over when I get home :) Hey, don't roll your eyes!!

Most of all, I can't wait to give all my kids some great big hugs. I also look forward to bringing them all out this way to get to know this family that is just the best!

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Jaime said...

I don't know if it's because you wrote such a sweet post or if it's because I was holding Jordan as he cried on the phone with you....but...I cried reading your post. I will read the bottom portion to each of your kids if you promise me that they won't cry! Miss you! Get home already, I'm not used to you being the one away!