Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cash Advance

Let me start out by saying that this is not something I encourage. The goal should always be to live within your means and have a little something set aside in case an emergency arises.

But, I know that is not always possible. Sometimes, things come up and we have no choice but to find some help or incur lots of late fees, overdraft fees, etc...

I also know that the economy we are living in has left lots of people with very little choices.

I have read about this company that gives cash advances to people in those type of situations and they give you the first cash advance for free. That means no interest as long as you pay the loan back IN FULL by the next payday. If you don't pay back in full, the interest is 25%!!

So, this really is only for those emergencies when you have no other choice. The nice feature to me about this company is the first loan being free and that you can do it all online. You can apply on your computer and have the loan deposited right into your checking account.

Let me say again that I DO NOT recommend doing anything like this on a regular basis or for any reason other than an emergency. Also, NEVER do a cash advance unless you are sure you can pay it back IN FULL by the next payday.


Anonymous said...

So I wasn't really sure what you were saying DO YOU RECOMMEND THIS OR NOT?
love amanda

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

You'll never know :)

RGillette said...

If you need a personal loan on an emergency basis and can not wait or find it hard or impossible to properly qualify for anything due to bad credit we have the loan for you. Emergency Cash can be hard to get as can any bad credit loan.

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Thank you and may your emergency cash help you as much as it has saved our lives!