Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trying to add Excercise

Ok, we have been doing the new schedule for a while now and it seems to be going well (most days). Now, I am ready to add in some excercise. After 4 children so close together and little to no self-control when it comes to food, I am in serious need of a weight loss program! I would really like to lose about 30 pounds. My big motivation now is the fact that we could be going on a cruise in a couple of months. So, I have 5 months to whip this body in to some type of shape.
After thinking and contemplating how this will actually work, I have come up with a couple of ideas. I now have 3 children old enough to ride their own bikes well. My sister-in-law has a bike with a trailor attached for a kid to sit in. So, if I borrow her bike and put Jordan there, I should be able to work some bike riding into my routine.
So, here's the plan. Every Tue. - Fri. morning I am going to get up at 7 a.m. and get myself ready to go. My kids usually wake up about 7:30. When they get up, I will have them get dressed quickly and we will head out on our bikes. This will be an adjustment for their wake up routine, but I think this will be a great way to start our day.
I also would love to go on rides in the evenings with daddy. That will only be able to happen on those evenings that he gets home on time and we don't have anything else going on that evening.
After we get this going pretty consistent, I would like to add some weight training at home. I also plan to adjust my diet as much as I can. Although eating super healthy seems too expensive right now, I know I can change some of my eating habits and even drinks (no more soda!!).
I should take a before picture but I don't think any of you want to see that. Maybe if there is an "after", I'll show the before.

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