Monday, February 25, 2008

Publix and Winn-Dixie for 2/19-2/26


(3) Bertolli Complete Dinners (sale for $4.99 minus 3 $2.50 coupons here)
(6) GM Cereal (bogo @ $3.99/2 minus 6 $.75 coupons from recent inserts)
(2) Motts 9 pack applejuice (bogo @ $2.99/2 minus 2 $1 store coupons from Publix magazine)
(10) Dole Fruit cups 4 pack (bogo @ $2.63/2 minus 6 $.75/1 and 2 $.75/2 and 2 $.55/1 coupons from recent inserts)
(10) Del Monte Tomatos (bogo @ $1.27/2 minus 2 $1/5 coupons from recent inserts)
(2) Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (bogo @ $1.19/2 minus $.55/2 coupon from recent insert)
(4) Oust Air Fresheners (bogo @ $3.39/2 minus 2 bogo coupons here - all 4 for free!!)
Bananas @ $1.19

Total Before Savings/Coupons = $113.28
Store Savings = $50.98
Coupons = $34.33
New Total = $27.97 (that's a savings of $85.31!!)

Winn-Dixie -

(4) PF 5 Cheese Bread (bogo @ $2.99/2 minus 2 $1/2 coupons from recent insert)
(4) Honey Bunches of Oats (bogo @ $4.29/2 minus 4 $2/1 coupons here)
(6) Uncle Ben's Rice Blends (bogo @ $1.69/2 minus 2 $1/3 coupons from recent insert)
(2) Doritos (bogo @ $3.49/2)
(2) BB Prime Fillet Tuna 4 packs (bogo @ $6.89/2 minus 2 $1 coupons from recent insert)
*note* I bought 30 of these $1 coupons from the "buy coupons" site on the right hand side of my page. This is the only tuna I like and with those coupons it makes this great tuna only $.50 a can!! I should be getting these coupons today and I plan to go back and stock up on this great deal.

Total Before Savings/Coupons = $60.02
Total Store Savings = $30.01
Total Coupons = $14
New Total = $16.01 (that's a savings of $44.01!!)


Kim said...

Wow, good job :)

Anonymous said...

can i just say, "you girls feed your families way good!!" and here i thought your generation didn't even know how to cook
i'm trying very hard to get a major illness (since i can't have any more babies and i don't want a death in the family) so i can be on the "meals for a week" list----will ya'll cook for me?!
lisa e

Southerner said...

I looked through your blog and saw that your kids do the Spirit Club through the homeschool group. We are in AL and I am interested in more info on this to possibly implement here. Do they just learn cheers during the class or do you have times where they actually get to cheer for events with the group? I saw they had uniforms- is that part of the class fee? Do the kids buy them or parents have to make them? I am just trying to find out to what extent you are able to use this class and maybe find ways to increase the classes offered and fun ideas. I know that the girls love this and we have a lot of girls in our cover group. Thanks for any info.

Holly @

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

oooh I wish I had those stores near me! I would so mock what you did! I have been keeping my eye out to get those oust air freshners free with those $2.00 coupons!

Great Job!

Oh and I like your new blog look!

Brandi said...

Cute new blog!!! It looks great. . I love your new tagline too! You, as always, make me laugh.


Faith, Family & Friends said...

That is awesome Cassie! I hope to get that good with my grocery shopping!! I love the new blog look!

mom24 said...

*sigh* My fam can't eat anything pictured except the canned tomatoes (if they don't have preservatives) and the bananas! It would be nice to have those stores close though! You're doing a great job!

Nice new look!

Monica said...

Great deals! Thank you for the coupon links!

Kimberly said...

Great job on the deals!

Saph said...

Wow, you did awesome!! I can't seem to do better than 50% savings at Publix and even that is rare!! How do you do it??? I'm in Tampa. Where in FL are you?

The Queen Of Frugal..... said...

Awesome shopping trips...Oh, how I love to see such frugal shopping! This is more proof to the naysayers that coupons can save you BIG money at the grocery store.