Friday, February 8, 2008

Free or Discounted Cruise?

Ok, so my 30th birthday is coming up this June. I also will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. So, this calls for a good celebration.
We were only married for 6th months when we found out we were expecting our first child. That being said, we have not had much time to ourselves since we have been married. We have never taken a vacation or getaway longer than a night or 2. Neither one of us have ever been on a cruise and we both think this would be the perfect romantic getaway.
Well, here comes the problem.... $$. As I'm sure you know, a cruise is not that cheap. We would like to go with a cruise line that is well known and not a "booze cruise" or "casino cruise".
I know that I have heard of people that have listened to the time share pitch and earned a free or discounted cruise. We have done that before in order to win free theme park tickets. We are not easily persuaded and we don't mind wasting a few hours of our time for that big of a discount.
So, I'm wondering what kind of success or lack there of have you had in this department. Any suggestions or warnings would be appreciated.
Although I know you get what you pay for, I also know that there is always a deal out there (you just have to find it).
If you have worked with a particular company or know of a great deal, please share the love!! :)
I would love to have some time away with my hubby!


Monica said...

Thanks for the tip on the spices. That's good to know.

Never taken a cruise myself, but I've heard that if you are able to book on a ship's first cruise that it is always delayed and then you get it for free or can rebook for free on another. Sounds like a deal if you have that kind of flexibility. I

Laura said...

Ah, a cruise sounds wonderful! Hope you find a great deal so you can celebrate with your husband!

Anonymous said...

As I read your post I had to make sure it wasn't talking about me. I too will turn 30 in June and this is our 10 year ann. and we live in FL, however, we only have 3 kiddos. We took an almost free cruise (99?? port taxes) for our honeymoon!! That is the only trip we've taken alone besides over night (due to also starting kids right away) and it was a horrible cruise, actually the cruise line isnt around anymore. So we want to do like a 2nd honeymoon this year, something fabulous. I am excited to see what your readers say to get some ideas for myself. Thanks for a great blog. Jan

Brandi said...

No more suggestions than when we talked, but this is a great idea. Have you just googled it? "win a free cruise" or something? I sure hope you find something. I'd love to see you guys actually get to go away, alone!

Hey, I love that you are changing your postings too. . .you're keeping it fresh! ha ha!