Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Bible thumping baby!!

My 6 year old, Sydney is one of the most passionate, intense children I know. When she has an opinion about something, she really has an opinion!
Most of the time, this is not my favorite trait about her. I usually hear myself telling her to calm down (10000 times a day) or to be a little bit quieter. As in every area of her life, she either responds with a polite, "yes, ma'am" or a disrespectful, loud "Ugghh! I don't want to!". There is not much middle ground with this child.
So, the title of this post should clue you into what is coming next. If you know anything about me, you know that we are committed to the Lord and we strive to teach the same to our children. Well, this principle has sunk in good with Sydney so far.
That girl is in LOVE with Jesus!
We recently gave her an easy reader Bible that she can read all on her own. She was so happy! She takes it with her everywhere. Last week, she went on a trip with her Aunt Jaime and cousins to the beach for 5 days. Of course, she brought her Bible with her. Jaime told me that every night she let the girls read a book. Every night, Sydney chose to read her Bible. She even asked her cousin (who wanted to read Aladin), "don't you think that GOD is better than CHARACTERS?!!!" Apparently we haven't covered the non-judgemental side of Christianity enough.
Then, on Sunday they were going to drive home. In the morning, Sydney asked if they were going to church that morning. Jaime explained that they were going to have to skip that day because they were going to be packing and traveling home. Sydney's response was an indignant, "OoooKaaaay?!!" (can you hear this?). She then proceeded to let Aunt Jaime and her cousin know that she was going to spend some time reading her Bible and praising Jesus because it was Sunday and that is what you should do on Sunday. She also invited her cousin to join her.
The funniest thing about all this to me is that we really have never told her that you should never miss church. But this girl sees something she likes and she goes head first in!!
I sure hope the passion stays in the direction it is going so far!
On those days that I think I am going to go crazy trying to reign her in, I need to remember moments like this.


Jess said...

This is too cute! I agree though about missing church, and Jaime should have packed up earlier, we missed her!

Christina said...

She sounds like another Brandi!!!

mom24 said...

I LOVE times like this! These are the things that God uses to encourage us for sure, and to remind us that they really are listening!

Kari said...

So did you see that Albertson's has General Mills cereal for $1 each when you buy 4. I thought of you instantly when I saw the ad.

Brandi said...

I love that! GOd is going to use that sweet girl and her vivacious spirit and passion for Jesus in major ways!

Love you ALL,

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


Yes, I did. Fortunately though, I have approximately 20 boxes of cereal in my pantry right now. Some how, they seem to be on a great sale every week. So, now I just wait for the cereals I really like and stock up. 20 boxes may be over doing it a little, but hey...

Elizabeth said...
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Christy said...

Oh my, how precious is that? That made me smile, so thank you for sharing. What a blessing to see just what God has planned for her life. Enjoy the journey!