Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman - This Family Needs Our Prayers

I came across a site from another blog and thought it was worth sharing. This is a blog set up in memory of Maria. I'm sure you have all heard of this terrible accident that happened last night in the Chapman family. If not read the whole story here.
I cannot imagine what this family is going through right now.
They have been such a shining example in the Christian community and given so much. Now it is time for us to give back. The greatest gift they could have right now is prayers being lifted up for them all around the world. Please take a moment to stop today and pray for this hurting family.


Tammy said...

What a tragic accident for that family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Jess said...

I just saw that blog too,I love the video of her! So sweet! we will all be praying for them!

Mikki said...

Hey there.
You have a great blog here. I 'think' I've been here before, but not sure.

I love your statement at the top of surviving public school & now homeschooling... that is so true.

The Chapman's loss is so sad. With all that's going on these days my heart has been so heavy.

May God bless you more and more each day!

Julie said...

I'm a HUGE Steven Curtis Chapman fan and this news was so utterly sad. He wrote a song a few years ago about adoption called "When Love Takes You In"...and it just blows you away.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

I just used your link to find out what happened... very sad.

Frankenstein said...

5 steps from Grief to Grace is my advice to the Chapmans, and you – you may read here my new essay on the subject:

Lisa said...

I have enjoyed Steven's music for 20 yrs.+. He has walked out his faith before millions and now this. We can't understand, but trust that the Lord is sovereign.