Monday, May 12, 2008

My Publix Trip - Deals Good Thru Wednesday!

I got all this for just over $6!! Even though this wasn't a big shopping trip, it was well worth the gas.
To see how I did it, check out my post here.


Tonya said...

Nice job!! Today I spent $31 at Publix for $82 worth of stuff. Partly thanks to you (I think) who said you use your Winn Dixie $10 off coupons at Publix. Thanks for all the great tips!

Tonya said...

By the way, did you use your 3/15 cvs?

Marin said...

I got some more Beechnut coupons today so I'm going to head back for some more cheap baby food. What was the deal with the bread? Is it on sale? I think I have a coupon for Nature's Own.

Tammy said...

Ya wanna come grocery shopping with me? I never leave without spend almost $200. Ouch, it hurts!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Yes, I love that Publix takes competitor's coupons! It makes for some sweet deals. Great job!
I tried to use the $3/15, but it didn't work here. I live in Central Florida. Others say that their Publix takes those with no problem.

Yes, the bread is bogo @ $3.39/2. You can use the $.55/1 from 5/11. I did not include this in my original deals because the coupon didn't come out until this Sunday.