Friday, May 2, 2008

Exercise For Me... Game For Them

I LOVE my DDR!! We got a Playstation 2 a couple months ago. The sole purpose of this purchase was for me to be able to get some exercise at home. I had played DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution) at another home and decided that this was the kind of exercise I could get behind. It has the fun, competition and butt-kicking aerobic exercise I needed.
My kids have joined the fun as well. They love to play along with me and it has really taught them how to have better rhythm.
Considering this is the ONLY time they get to play a video game, they think it is the best!

Here are Sydney and Jordan getting ready for their song to start

Busting a move

It takes concentration...
And fun!!


Linda said...

I ADORE DDR...the only thing I really don't like is the "video" portion of the music provided.

We have the SuperNova edition...and I LOVE the fact that it has a workout mode which stores all your information. I was doing really well with it for awhile, but was having a leg pain, and had to stop...I need to motivate myself to get back onto it (even with the persistent leg pain, which I've been told is a small tear in a muscle and to "keep it up and rest it"...which only works if you're not a mother!)

My daughter is fantastic on it as well, but my son, he doesn't seem to get it. I even managed to get a "my first DDR" on Freecycle™ (it's a plug-n-play that you can control how many arrows you have to use - 2 (left/right), 3 (left/right/up) or 4 (all). There are no combos on this, or holds either. But he still doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Precious!!! Just precious!!!

A proud and blessed Mimi

Tammy said...

My daughters doctor actually suggested DDR as a way to help her exercise. She loves it!

Dette said...

lol - I hear ya! We just got a DDR at Christmas and I love it. I wish I spent more time on it - I'm thinking maybe I could do that instead of my ellyptical? ;)

Have you heard the latest about DDR? They have this new Christian-themed one called "Dance Praise."

Now I just need a "Karaoke Praise." ;)

Angie said...

We have DDR for our Wii, and we love it! We actually just played it last night. We just have the dance pad that came with it, so we haven't actually been able to compete with one another. But, that's probably fine, because I would feel bad to beat the kids all the time. LOL

I have literally spent hours playing before after everyone went to bed. LOL

Nicole said...

We've talked about getting a DDR but didn't think the girls were old enough. We haven't tried one so I wasn't sure. Would the steps be too far apart for a 3 year old? They love to dance so I would love to get one for them!

Billie said...

i always thought i could dance...had a little rhythm...until i tried these things. holy cow! i'm pathetic.

my neices have a similar version, but it's called dance praise and it only includes christian music.

it is quite a workout!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Ok, I am waiting for the video!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


My 3 year old dances around on the pad when it is not plugged in. He thinks it is tons of fun, but he really isn't doing anything. My 8,7 and 6 year old actually play and do well.

Amber Shimel said...

What a great idea! And a great way to do something active with the kids, in air conditioning!