Monday, May 19, 2008

Making Math Fun!!

****For some reason, it looks like when you click on the links below, you will come to an error page. If you click on the address bar and hit enter again, you should be directed to the correct page. I'm not sure why it is doing that.****

Does that look like an oxymoron to you? Not to me. Well, to be honest, I LOVE math! I know, I know, I am one of those crazy people! Math was always my "easy A" subject and it is still the subject I enjoy teaching the most.
Here's the problem... I'm no fun! Really, just ask my kids. They'll tell you. I am very goal oriented and VERY left-brained.
So, this would be o.k. if I was only teaching Morgan. But, I also have Avery. She is VERY right-brained and looks at things completely different than me. I keep trying to figure out ways to make kids math fun.
I want to be better at making learning fun.
This is where my lack of creativity is an issue. It is way too much work for me to try and figure out fun and interesting ways to teach math. I just want to get it done. But, for the sake of my middle child, I have found a book that shows you exactly how to do it. This book is full of math games and is geared toward children 5-11 years old.
To learn more, Click Here!


Jess said...

Hey, I tried to look at those sites..and the links are not working.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I am looking into why the links are not working.


Billie said...

uugh. that is so not me. i'm not a math girl. right brainers rule! ;)

Jennifer Bogart said...

Math is a tricky one for those of us who are math challenged!

Jesabella said...

I am another one who LOVES Math. Sick but true. Maybe that is what makes being frugal easier and actually fun. It is all a math game. Good luck. I struggle with explaining math because it just comes to me and I cant explain why.