Thursday, May 1, 2008

Juno - A Movie Review

Because I don't think I could write a review I agree with more, head over to Dearest Jessica before you run out to see this highly acclaimed movie.


Tammy said...

I saw this movie the other day and I have mixed emotions about it. My 14 year old wasn't interested in watching it and I'm kinda glad that she didn't.

Stephanie said...

We rented this movie a few days ago--thankfully it was just from the $1 moviecube machine, because it certainly wasn't worth any more than that!

I agree with you (and Jessica) that the bar has certainly been lowered if this is to be considered art, entertainment, or just plain real! It makes me sad that just because Juno made a "good" decision that people would overlook all the other trash and immoral ideas being passed off as cute, hip, sweet, etc.

ps--Congrats to you and your husband on winning the contest!

MDMOM said...

Thnaks for the review. I definitely will not see it. It's a sad commentary on our society I suppose. And the people who call it "real life" don't get how pitiful it is.