Monday, January 7, 2008

Schedule... What Schedule??

Ok, so all my lofty plans of a schedule fell flat today. Or maybe I should say, went splat. That's right, I was in a car accident today! Now, since you see that I am already sitting down to blog about this occurence, you should be able to infer that I was not injured.
Nonethelesss, the inconvenience was huge (and will be for a couple weeks)!! Yes, yes, I am thankful that I am ok and I did not have any of my children in the car when this happened. Can't you just give me a minute to complain? Ok, good. Here we go.
So, I had just gone to Winn-Dixie to get the cereal deals for this week (the weekly deals is a whole other post). I was on my way back to my sister-in-law's house to get my kids. I was in the left turning lane headed north (can you tell I've already filled out a police report and spoken to 2 insurance companies?). The vehicle directly to my right and about 20 feet ahead of me decided she wanted to turn left also. The problem was that the turning light had already turned gree (so I was moving) and she didn't see me. So, she came right on over to my lane and smacked my front passenger side pretty good.
When I got out of my van to inspect the damage, I realized the girl who hit me is a teenager (poor thing). She wasn't hurt either, but a little startled. She called her mother while I called the police (my mom is still often my emergency number too). Then, we wait.
Luckily, my 2 youngest were at my sister-in-laws and she generously offered to keep them. I also had my 2 oldest at their 1 day school and I was supposed to be picking them up in about 30 minutes. So, I had to call my other sister-in-law and ask her to pick the kids up. Again, I am so fortunate to have family so close by that I am hardly ever really in a bind.
As you could've guessed, the state trooper arrived and filed a report that cited the other driver for improper lane change. Now, my van was still semi-drivable, but if I turn the wheel all the way, it rubs on the fender. So, I didn't want to drive very much. I wanted to get it into a body shop quickly. I called my husband and found a place that was highly recommended and drove (carefully) the van there.
I may be niave when it comes to this whole insurance thing, but I thought things would go pretty smoothly and easy since this accident was not my fault. Well, insurance companies are what they are. So, I am now waiting. I presume I will be doing this a lot in the next couple of weeks.
The part I want to complain the most about though is that my whole day was shot!! This is the first day of the first week of trying to implement my new schedule and I hardly got anything done today. I had such lofty plans and ideas for the day. I am now trying to re-plan so that the evening runs a little smoother. I hope this doesn't mess up my whole week :(
Oh, by the way... this is on top of the fact that I stayed up until 2 a.m. trying to cut, organize and re-organize the 4 paper's worth of coupons that I got yesterday. There were tons!! I guess that's a good problem to have.
After last night and today, I am ready for a good nap!!


Brandi said...

Awe Cass. . .what a bummer! Are you banged up at all or sore? Even a slight impact can give you a headache for a week!

Love you.

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Wow, talk about a rough day!! Just a reminder that we are really not in control of anything. I hope things go smoothly with the insurance stuff-yuck!! No one likes to deal with that side.

On another note--how did you get a 1 day school deal, I have heard you talk about it before, could you elaborate on it?? Is it a homeschool coop or something from the state?? Sounds interesting.

Laura said...

Oooo, so thankful that it wasn't worse for you, yet all the inconvenience is still no fun. I pray that tomorrow is a much better day for you!

(p.s. That cereal better taste REALLY good!)

Jess said...

You apear to be, the high of all that cereal and meds from cvs should keep you from pain for weeks!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

I am sorry to hear about the accident. Somethimes I think God thinks that practising our patience is more important than schedules!

A couple of nights before my dad died before Christmas our family were driving up north to drop Sean off in his grandmothers for a few days sleep over, and then I was planning to go back to dad's house and sit with him, and just outside Newry the car broke down...
A sister from the Church called me to encourage me and tell me that God was with me, and when I explained what had happened she said, "that's not the first time God has prevented you from going to your father's house'.

I stayed with Sean's granny that night and later found out that there was trouble in my dad's home with an unwanted and troublesone family member and my sister had to call the police...

I was so glad that I was not there and just thanked God for his intervention. Who knows, maybe God intervened for reasons you don't yet know and that what happened was not as bad as you thought? I hope so!