Tuesday, January 1, 2008

All in a Hard Day's Shopping

Well, today was an exciting day for me. This has to be one of the best shopping trips I've had yet. Way better than Black Friday! It was one of those shopping trips that leaves you with a little bit of a high because you are so excited. I know, I know, I'm gonna tell you. Now that I've built it up so much, it's not going to sound nearly as good. Ok, never mind. It was an ok trip today. I guess I'll go ahead and tell you what I got.

Walgreens -
4 Glade Scented Candle Holder (Bogo at $6.99/2)
I used 2 of the Bogo Glade coupon and got all 4 for free!

I also got 3 Glade Scented Candle Holders (Christmas scent of Apple Cinnamon so they were on clearance for $1.27/each)
I used the $4/1 Glade coupon from recent insert and my total came to $1.27 after tax.
I had no idea those scents would be on sale because they were not merchandised with the Christmas clearance items. Look in your Walgreens for everyday items that might be considered "Christmas" and see if they are on clearance.

Dimatapp chewables 20 ct. (on sale for $4 plus $4 back in RR)
Glade Scented Oil refills (2/$5 and $2 rebate)
I used the $2/1 Dimatapp
2 $1.50/1 Glade Refills
so I paid $4 and got $4 back

Thanks to Angie for this tip on unadvertised sales -
6 packs of Pepsi products (on sale 3/$10 and if you buy $20 get $10 in ECB)
I used $4/20, $3/15 and $2/10
My total was $11 and I got $10 back in ECB! Great deal for that much soda!
There are a couple more hot coupons for CVS (thanks to Crystal)
$5/30, $10/50 and $15/75 (These all expire the end of this week)

Target -
I repeated most of my Target deal from the last post.
Huggies wipes 40ct. ($1.97)
Huggies wipes 16 ct. ($.97)
Johnson's Buddies Soap ($.94)
Candy Bar as a filler ($.50)

$1/1 Johnson's coupon
$3/2 Huggies coupon
After coupons my total was $.38

Consignment Store -
I usually only buy clothes on clearance or at consignment stores. I haven't found anything in months that I truly deem a GREAT deal. Well, I sure did today! A consignment store chain had all their clearance clothes marked down to $1! This store only accepts well kept clothes. Most of them are name brand (Gap, Old Navy, Limited Too, etc...). I was so excited. I bought clothes for all 4 of my kids and only spent $34 for 34 items. Many of these items included jeans, long sleeve shirts, dresses and sweaters/jackets. It was such a fun day. They also are going to be having a sale in about 2 weeks where you can fit as many clearance items as you can in a bag for $10. Sounds like another great deal.

So, today I ended up with about $400 worth of stuff and only spent $35


Jess said...

what a fun day....you didn't say anything about the free starbucks? Check your email...it starts again!!!!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Oh my gosh!!! There is nothing like that here in this country. My son asked me how come I spend so much money on food etc when that lady in America only spends 50 dollars!!! I said that the next time I go shopping we will be try to buy orange juice etc at a lower price, (cheaper brand)
Thanks for your good example and encouragement.

God bless. Ruth (And Sean!)

Angie Hopkins said...


No wonder you are so excited! You did great! I've got a doctor's appointment today so I'm going to hit a couple of consignment stores to see if I can find a few good deals. I will also check my Walgreens for some of the deals you got!

Way to go!


Donna said...

Ohhhh I want to hit some consignment shops and good will today--but alas we are snowed in! If the roads aren't too bad I may get to go out tonight without the ankle biters--being all boys they hate to shop!

Kacie said...

Excellent job! Looks like you had a great time, too.

Mommin' It Up! said...

awesome!! that is amazing!