Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Grocery Shopping this week

There were some great deals this week (especially coupled with the great coupons in the paper). I bought 4 papers and each one had 6 inserts. So, the hardest part of planning my shopping trip this week was the amount of time it took me to cut and organize my coupons. After that feat was accomplished, I started planning. Here's what I got:

I went to 2 stores to do my grocery shopping this week. On the right side of the table is my Publix trip and on the left is my Winn-Dixie trip. The total from both stores is $48! This included being able to get organic milk and fresh fruit and a few splurge items that my family has been asking for. Here's how:

Publix -
(2) 1/2 gallon Smart Balance Milk (2/$6 minus 2 $1/1 coupons makes it the same price as regular milk)
(2) Taco Dinner Kits (bogo at $2.59/2)
(2) Burrito Dinner Kits (bogo at $2.59/2)
(4) Nutri-Grain Boxes (bogo at $3.39/2 minus 2 $1/2 coupon)
(4) Barilla Sauce (bogo at $2.59/2)
Bananas at $2.15
Apples at $4.99
(4) Mac'n Cheese (bogo at $2.33)
(2) Raisin Bran (bogo at $3.89 minus $1/2 coupon)
(8) Barilla Pasta (bogo at $1.09/2 minus 4 $1/2 coupons makes them $.09 per box!)
(2) BB Tuna Gold (bogo at $6.99/2)
(4) Peter Pan PB (on sale for $1 minus 4 $1/1 coupons makes them all free!)

I used a $5/40 purchase coupon from Winn-Dixie so,

Total Before Savings = $98.72
Coupons = $18
Store Savings = $44.34
Total Savings = $62.54
Total after savings = $36.18!!!

Winn -Dixie -
(12) boxes of cereal (on sale for 4/$10 with $4 instant savings at register makes them 4/$6. I used 6 $1/2 coupons which made them 4/$4)
(2) boxes Nature's Valley Granola Bars (used 2 coupons for when you buy 3 GM cereal, get 1 box of Nature's Valley for free)

Total Before Savings = $36.38
Coupons = $12.38
Store Savings = $12
Total Savings = $24.38
Total after Savings = $12!!!

Now, I know this is a lot of cereal (14 boxes to be exact) but you just can't find a deal like that. Also, I recently read on Angie's blog that you can freeze cereal. I have never thought of that before. I don't think I will have to worry about it though because my kids usually go through an entire box in one morning.


Jess said...

That is awesome!!! Looks like will be having mexican food for a while! Nathaniel and I decided that we can live off of cereal if we have too. :)

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Hello again, was looking to see what other sites ou visit so I might glean some more help and found my own site there! I just laughed!!! First time for me!

You might be proud of me when I say that at the beginning of Autumn I saw a pair of boots that I wanted (needed?) for 140 euros. There was no way that I could afford them or even want to pay that kind of money if I could, so I decided to wait until the Jan sales. Just before Christmas they went down to 75 euros and my husband asked me if I wanted them. I said no and decided to wait until the Jan sales and so, last week I bought them for 35 euros!!!

Last week while shopping with my son I saved over 10 euros on my shopping... I was delighted. I know this sounds terrible but I always hated skimping on food as I was brought up poor and always said that I wanted a warm home with plenty of food in it. Like I said to you before, I think God is beginning to speak to me about this and am looking forwards to trying it again, and again!

God bless and well done with the shopping that you wrote about on your post!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Just noticed your comment on my blog. Well, what can I say, it's almost unheard off to home school children here in Dundalk. It was a bit of a shock for some of the women in my Church when I started to home school. I think they thought I was some how condemning them for letting their children go to regular school!!! You know how it is. I think they got a bit defensive so they never ask how things are going. However, some of the men ask me how Sean and I are doing and are very supportive! I guess they don't feel threatened.

There are several thousand families home schooling their kids here in Ireland. I know of two families in this town that home school.

If it were up to me I would truly NOT home school but since God has directed me to do it, and since He helps me all the way I am very happy to keep going.

I would love to keep it up until he goes to college, if that is what he does but I cant.

The plan is that he will go to secondary school when he is 12.

I am not all-together happy with this but Niall and I know that we can't take him any further in his education. When I try to check things up on the internet about Christian curriculum I get totally bogged down... However, I am not in contact with anybody else who schools their children through secondary year so I am at a stand still...

Any advice?


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Wow, my cereal stash is starting to run low--I wish I had one of those stores near me!!!!

I started a new Mr Linky thing at my blog, come check it out--

I did not figure out Mr. Linky till late in the evening but I will be blogging on Tuesdays

Teaching Tips Tuesday
so be thinking of a tip you would like to share with other homeschoolers

Myself being a newbie could use a lot of tips :)

Angie Hopkins said...

Great job Cassie! My kids are flying through the cereal so I don't think I'll be freezing any either.

I'm posting my Publix trip today. I have to travel to Gainesville to shop Publix but since I was going anyway I took advantage of some of the deals.

Enjoy your frugal groceries.


Brandi said...

Very cool! I just emailed a friend your site to check out for all your crazy deals!

Love you,