Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Real Life

Sometimes I think my kids say the cutest things. Here is one of the most recent. My 3 year old, Jordan, often says things that I am sure he has picked up from his 3 older siblings. There is no way he comes up with it all on his own.

So, the other day I am in the kitchen and Jordan walks up to me and says,

"Mommy, are we going to grandma and grandpa's today?"

I say, "yes."

He says, "We're going to grandma and grandpa's? In real life?!!!"

He has now adopted this statement with many things in his life. For instance, I heard him today asking his cousin if she could help him clean his room, "in real life." Perhaps there is so much pretending that takes place with his friends and siblings that he feels the need to clarify. I am not sure but it is sure darn cute to hear him say it.


Brandi said...

He is so funny! That Jordan!

Love ya,

Jackie Sue said...

Cas, Your kids are too cute. Thanks for your comment. I don't know what the answer to my issue is, but I think you only want to tell your kids the basics...not the child's need to be the history in that country with their girls...or the fact that their mom was a prostitute and that is why they couldn't keep them...I don't know...just give them the general reasons and not the specifics. Most kids I know wouldn't do this to be mean, they just know too much and then feel free to say it. Really, I gotta get ready for this stuff and I'm just not, but I'm praying about it and for the right time to tell Davie more info and explain more...just really don't want to have to...know what I mean?

MacCárthaigh Family said...

That's just lovely, I like reading these stories. I miss Sean coming out with that stuff on a regular basis!

I started to look up books etc on the net. Feel more confident now. At least now I am going to pick out Sean's books for the next two years and not rely on somebody else to do it for me... It's a start!

Am definitely more hopeful about schooling him myself into secondary school (after 12)

Something different happened..
I met up with a woman today who wants me to home school her son (9) until May! We talked about it and it seems to be ok.

She has been schooling him for one and half years now but has gone back to college. She plans to put him back to school in September.

It seems so far to be an answer to prayer as we are a bit short on cash, I had been praying that we would find Sean another nice friend and it will get me back on schedule, early starts etc! I always liked the idea of schooling another boy but never thought it would happen. She is not saved so maybe this might be an opening for the Lord to reach her? Anyway, I am quite looking forwards to it!

God bless, and thanks for your comment.

Brandi said...

thanks. . you always can put a smile on my face. . .