Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I Love Rain Checks and Publix - You Won't Believe the Savings!

Did you know that Publix offers rain checks for items that are out stock? This includes anything on sale and you can get the sale price at another time. Well, often they do not have as much as I would like to buy for the sale items. So, I often get a rain check.

I have been holding on to about 6 of them for a while now. I keep waiting for a week where there is not a lot of things on sale that I want. Then I can just use my rain checks and create my own sale. Last week was the week.

So, I went into my store and decided to redeem 4 of my rainchecks that I had great coupons for. I knew that the savings were going to be good, but the total even surprised me. By the time I used my Whole Foods $10/40, the rainchecks and the coupons that went with those items, my total was ....

$6.23!! And the savings were close to $300! It was one of those times when I thought I must be doing something wrong. How could this be right? But, everything matched up and it was the manager ringing me up. So, thank you Publix for being my kind of grocery store!


Bridget said...

Where did you find the $10 off $40 for Wholefoods? Was it actually for Bloom(s)? Thank you for your help!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

These coupons were out a while back and expire on Sunday. I bought a whole bunch from ebay when they were out. I haven't seen any lately.