Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Does Our Garden Grow?

The garden is coming along very well. Everything seems to be growing and thriving, with the exception of the green peppers (we are down to 3 out of the 9 planted). We missed 1 week of measurements because we were out of town. But, we headed out today to measure and record any changes. Here is what everything is looking like now:

This is a close-up of the tomato plant. I was trying to show the small yellow flowers on them. The 4 larger plants on the end have about 8-10 flowers a piece on them. The smaller 8 plants have 1-2 flowers so far.
The beef steak tomatoes (ones that we bought larger) grew from 8" to 11", 24" to 34", 12" to 19" and 11" to 19".
The celebrity tomatoes grew from 3" to 11".
Here is a picture of the celebrity tomatoes.

Here is a picture of the beef steak
Here are the some of the squash plants. The leaves on these have really gotten big. These plants have grown from 3" to 7 1/2 ". They also have small clusters of buds right at the base of the leaves.The is one of the 3 surviving bell pepper plants. The 3 that are left look great. It's just the rest of them died. They have grown from 7 1/2" to 8". The ones still doing well have small buds starting to form.
This is the green beans. All 18 are still looking good. I've heard that you may have to thin them out once they get a little bigger. So far though, I don't see any that are weak. They have grown from 4 1/2" to 6". These also show several buds forming under the leaves.
This is the cantaloupe plant. It has grown the most proportionally. It started at only 1" and is now 8 1/2 inches!!


Jackie Sue said...

I appreciate the update! Do you still think I can plant beefsteak tomatos? And where did you get your plants? thanks.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


The nice thing about tomatoes is that they bloom almost year round. I have heard different things about where to buy your plants. I would suggest getting a "Bonnie" (you can get those from Home Depot or Lowes) one and not having be much taller than about a foot. When you plant, you should put atleast half of whatever size you buy under ground.

Jackie Sue said...


Flamingo Mama said...

hey! i'm still here! faithfully reading and not commenting:)

i'm quite jealous. i can't even plant my tomatoes yet:) so no, they don't grow year round for us northeners:)