Saturday, May 23, 2009

"I Wanna Play Hulk and They Wanna Play House"!

This is the complaint I heard last weekend from my poor little guy. He is the youngest with 3 older sisters. He has 2 GIRL cousins that are 2 and 5 years old. Our close friends have a little GIRL his age and a 19 month boy. He does have 2 boy cousins but they are 2 years younger and 5 years older than him.

Usually, he'll just go along with what the girls decide to play. He'll throw his own twist to it, like if they are playing house, he'll be the pet lion. Or, if they are playing school, he'll be superman to save them from the disaster.

But, when there are 7 girls and he is the only boy in the house, his chances of playing what he wants are slim.

He came slumping down the stairs with a pouty face. I asked him what was wrong and he answered with the title of this post, "I wanna play Hulk and they wanna play house. I don't have anybody to play with." I tried to convince him a way that they could mix the 2 together, but he didn't buy it or think the girls would. I'm sure he was right.

Then, I tried to convince him that Joshua was a boy and he could play with him. Keep in mind that Joshua is only 19 months. He looks straight at me and says, "Nooooooo.... He keeps knocking my towers down!". Well, what is a boy to do.

I do feel sorry for him. But, I know God gave him the friends and family he needs to grow to be who God is calling him to be. I'm sure he won't figure that out for a while. In the mean time, I may need to learn how to sword fight, play baseball and fight "bad guys".


Jen said...

awwww... poor guy! i know what that feels like. i am always playing cars, trains, superheros and whatever else he is in to at the moment! :) tell him Andon sure does miss him.

by the way, when is his birthday? we will be headed down there! but not until the end of July. maybe we can do another sleep over then!

Kelly said...

Jordan is so sweet! If you start sword fighting, I want to see the pics!

Jennifer C said...

Mackenzie can totally relate...but in the opposite way!!:)

Anonymous said...

Tell Jordan this story again some day when he is old enough to laugh at it. I raised a little boy who was surrounded by girls he is now a happily married man who comes home and tells me he at least learned how to easily get along with the girls so it makes life happy now.

Ruth MacC said...

If I did it, you can too... lol!